Java Programming - Introduction To Java Questions and Answers

Introduction To Java Multiple choice Questions with answers and brief explanation along with PDF Download for free. These mcq are very useful for Java Developer Interviews asked in various companies.
1. Java was first developed in ?
[A] 1990
[B] 1991
[C] 1993
[D] 1996
2. The old name of Java was ?
[A] J language
[B] oak
[C] oct
[D] None of above
3. Which of the following feature is not supported by java ?
[A] Multithreading
[B] Reflection
[C] Operator Overloading
[D] Garbage Collection
4. Which of the following is not keyword in java ?
[A] null
[B] import
[C] volatile
[D] package
5. What is the full form of JDK ?
[A] Java Data Kit
[B] Java Defination Kit
[C] Java Development Kit
[D] Java Design Kit
6. Which command is used to compile a java program ?
[A] javac
[B] java
[C] javad
[D] .javadoc
7. What is the full form of JVM
[A] Java Virtual Machine
[B] Java Variable Machine
[C] Java Virtual Mechanism
[D] Java Variable Mechanism
8. What is the full form of ADT ?
[A] Abstract Data Type
[B] Abstract Development tool
[C] Abstract Design Tool
[D] Advance Development Tool
9. The expected signature of the main method is public static void main(). What happens if we make a mistake and forget to put the static keyword ?
[A] The JVM issues an error saying that main method should be declared static
[B] The compiler issues a warning saying that main method should be declared static and adds it automati
[C] The JVM successfully invokes the main method
[D] The JVM fails at runtime with NoSuchMethodError
10. What does the AWT stands for ?
[A] Abstract Windowing toolkit
[B] A web toolkit
[C] Application with types
[D] Absolutly wonderfull toolkit
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