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Sports Quiz Questions from General Knowledge Section related to all the sports and games. Latest Sports Quiz for Competitive Exams free PDF download.

61. Mark Waugh is commonly called what?
[A] Afganistan
[B] Junior
[C] Tugga
[D] Julio
62. Which two counties did Anil Kumble play for?
[A] Nottinghamshire & Lancashire
[B] Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire
[C] Northamptonshire & Leicestershire
[D] Northamptonshire & Lancashire
63. The first hang gliders to be flown were flown in...?
[A] 1600s
[B] 1700s
[C] 1800s
[D] 1900s
64. How long are professional Golf Tour players allotted per shot?
[A] 45 seconds
[B] 25 seconds
[C] 1 minute
[D] 2 minutes
65. Who did Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle at the 1998 edition of "Over the Edge"?
[A] Cactus Jack
[B] Mankind
[C] Dude Love
[D] Mick Foley
66. When was Amateur Athletics Federation of India established?
[A] 1936
[B] 1946
[C] 1956
[D] 1966
67. Which two counties did Kapil Dev play?
[A] Northamptonshire & Worcestershire
[B] Northamptonshire & Warwickshire
[C] Nottinghamshire & Worcestershire
[D] Nottinghamshire & Warwickshire
68. Who is the first Indian woman to win an Asian Games gold in 400m run?
[A] M.L.Valsamma
[B] P.T.Usha
[C] Kamaljit Sandhu
[D] K.Malleshwari
69. Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title?
[A] Geet Sethi
[B] Wilson Jones
[C] Michael Ferreira
[D] Manoj Kothari
70. Which county did Ravi Shastri play for?
[A] Glamorgan
[B] Leicestershire
[C] Gloucestershire
[D] Lancashire
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