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21. In 2014 who won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as well as the Formula One title?
[A] Nico Roseberg
[B] Lewis Hamilton
[C] Felipe Massa
[D] Sebastian Vettel
[E] None of these

Answer: B. Lewis Hamilton


Famous racer Lewis Hamilton won both the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the Formula One title in 2014.
22. What is SloPho lauched by Kapil Dev?
[A] A Mobile Phone
[B] A virtual market
[C] A cricket training software
[D] A social platform
[E] None of these

Answer: D. A social platform


Kapil Dev launched SloPho which is a social media platform where one can win prizes by playing a number of games on a daily basis.
23. Henrik Stenson, Rory Mcllroy, Justine Rose and Jamie Donaldson are associated with which sport?
[A] Billiards
[B] Golf
[C] Swimming
[D] Chess
[E] None of these

Answer: B. Golf


All the three players are famous golfers who were part of the World Tour Golf Championship in Dubai.
24. Who was the 2014 world Chess Champion?
[A] Magnus Carlsen
[B] Vishwanathan Anand
[C] Peter Leko
[D] Vladimir Kramnik
[E] None of these

Answer: A. Magnus Carlsen


Magnus Carlsen was the 2014 world Chess champion at Sochi in Russia.
25. Who won the 2014 kabaddi world cup?
[A] Pakistan
[B] India
[C] England
[D] Denmark
[E] None of these

Answer: B. India


Defeating Pakistan for the fourth time the Indian men's team won the 2014 kabaddi world cup.
26. With which sport is the Deodhar trophy associated?
[A] Cricket
[B] Hockey
[C] Football
[D] Kabaddi
[E] None of these

Answer: A. Cricket


The Deodhar Trophy is a List A cricket competition in Indian domestic cricket
27. Who was the world youngest player to win the men's title in IBSF World Snooker?
[A] Yan Bingtao
[B] Tang Jun
[C] He Guoqiang
[D] Lin Shuai
[E] None of these

Answer: A. Yan Bingtao


Yan Bingtao, the 14-year-old prodigy from China, won the men’s title in the IBSF World Snooker Championship.
28. With which sport do we associate Kidambi Srikanth?
[A] Tennis
[B] Table Tennis
[C] Badminton
[D] Snooker
[E] None of these

Answer: C. Badminton


When speaking of Kidambi Srikanth we speak about badminton. He was the first Indian to win a super series title.
29. PV Sindhu won the Macau Open title in 2014. With sport is he and the title associated?
[A] Tennis
[B] Badminton
[C] Table Tennis
[D] Cricket
[E] None of these

Answer: B. Badminton


PV Sindhu is a two time world championship bronze medalist who won the macau Open Badminton title in 2014.
30. Who is the fastest to score 12,000 runs in test matches?
[A] Mahela Jayawardene
[B] Kumar Sangakkara
[C] Hashim Amla
[D] Shane Watson
[E] None of these

Answer: B. Kumar Sangakkara


Kumar Sangakkara is the fifth person or cricketer to have made 12,000 runs in a test match. He is a Sri Lankan batsman.

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