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11. Which among the following has broke record for highest run-chase in T20 International cricket, recently? Who broke the record for the high run chase in T20 International Cricket?
[A] South Africa
[B] West Indies
[C] England
[D] Australia
[E] None of these
12. Kindambi Srikanth is famous for what?
[A] Boxing
[B] Badminton
[C] Tennis
[D] Cycling
[E] None of these
13. In 2014 who was the chosen captain of the ICC ODI team?
[A] Mahendra Singh Dhoni
[B] Angelo Mathews
[C] Alastair Cook
[D] Jaron Morgan
[E] None of these
14. Who won the ICC People's Choice award in 2014?
[A] Shikhar Dhawan
[B] Suresh Raina
[C] Bhuvaneswar Kumar
[D] Virat Kohli
[E] None of these
15. Which player is the lone Indian to feature in the top 10 of the latest Reliance ICC Test Player Rankings?
[A] Saurav Ganguly
[B] Ishant Sharma
[C] Mahinder Singh Dhoni
[D] Ravichandran Ashwin
[E] None of these
16. The winner of 2013-14 European Golden Boot award is __?
[A] Cristiano Ronaldo
[B] Lionel Messi
[C] Franck Ribery
[D] David Villa
[E] None of these
17. Which among the following treaties pertains to protection of the Olympic Symbol?
[A] Budapest Treaty
[B] Nairobi Treaty
[C] Washington Treaty
[D] Olympia Protocol
[E] None of these
18. Which among the following cricketer is referred to as “The Don”?
[A] Vivians Richard
[B] Donald Bradman
[C] Gary Sobers
[D] Wasim Akram
[E] None of these
19. In 2014 who was the captain of the ICC Test Team?
[A] Mahender Singh Dhoni
[B] Alastair Cook
[C] Jaron Morgan
[D] Angelo Mathews
[E] None of these
20. Which country won the Davis Cup title for the first time in 2014?
[A] France
[B] Switzerland
[C] Austria
[D] Denmark
[E] None of these
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