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Recently The Olympics Games 2016 has started in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. These games also known as Games of the XXXI Olympiad and Rio 2016. Olympic 2016 Officially scheduled from 5th August to 21st August 2016. In India most of the government competitive exams are covering questions on Rio Olympic 2016 Quiz. So, this year exams like SSC CGL 2016, IBPS, UPSC, etc are expect ti have questions on this topic. We have managed Multiple Choice Questions on Rio Olympic Games 2016 you can download this Quiz in PDF as well.

1. How many athletes will India send to the 2016 Paralympics in Rio De Janeiro?
[A] 20
[B] 19
[C] 16
[D] 18
[E] 34
2. Name the cricket player who gave BMW to Rio Olympics silver medallist PV Sindhu and bronze winner wrestler Sakshi Malik.
किस क्रिकेट खिलाड़ी ने रियो ओलंपिक की रजत पदक विजेता पीवी सिंधु और कांस्य पदक विजेता पहलवान साक्षी मलिक को बीएमडब्ल्यू दी है?
[A] Rahul Dravid
राहुल द्रविड़
[B] Saurav Ganguly
सौरव गांगुली
[C] Sachin Tendulkar
सचिन तेंदुलकर
[D] VVS Laxman
वी. वी. एस. लक्ष्मन 
[E] None of the above
इनमें से कोई नहीं
3. Rio Olympic bronze medal winner Sakshi Malik has been appointed as the brand ambassador of which state?
रियो में कांस्य पदक विजेता साक्षी मलिक को किस राज्य का ब्रांड एम्बेसडर नियुक्त किया गया?
[A] Maharashtra
[B] Uttar Pradesh
उत्तर प्रदेश
[C] Bihar
[D] Haryana
[E] Punjab
4. Which country ranks number one in the 2016 Rio Olympics medal standings?
कौनसा देश 2016 रियो ओलंपिक पदक तालिका में नंबर एक स्थान पर है?
[A] China
[B] Russia
[C] UK
संयुक्त राज्य
[E] Germany
5. Name the President of the Indian Olympic Committee who has been awarded the Olympic Order for his outstanding services to the Olympic movement.
भारतीय ओलंपिक समिति के अध्यक्ष का नाम क्या है जिन्हें जो ओलिंपिक आंदोलन के लिए उनकी उत्कृष्ट सेवाओं के लिए ओलंपिक आर्डर से सम्मानित किया गया है?
[A] Narayana Ramachandran
नारायण रामचंद्रन
[B] Vidya Charan Shukla
विद्या चरण शुक्ला
[C] Moin-ul-Haq
मोईन उल हक़
[D] Yadavindra Singh
यादविंद्र सिंह
[E] Sivanthi Adithan
सिवंतही अदिथन
6. Who declared the the official closing of the 2016 Olympics?
[A] Demetrius Vikelas
[B] Juan Antonio Samaranch
[C] Jacques Rogge
[D] Thomas Bach
[E] None of the above
7. Identify the athlete who became the first Iranian woman to win an Olympic medal recently.
[A] Mahsa Javar
[B] Najmeh Khedmati
[C] Leila Rajabi
[D] Kimia Alizadeh Zenoorin
8. Badminton player P V Sindhu recently won historic silver medal in women’s singles badminton event at Rio Olympics. Who won gold in the event?
[A] Wang Yihan
[B] Sain Nehwal
[C] Carolina Marin
[D] Dolores Marco
9. P V Sindhu recently secured a silver medal for India at the Rio Olympics. She is associated with which of the following sports?
[A] Tennis
[B] quash
[C] Badminton
[D] Wrestling
10. Which country won the gold medal in women's football event at the Rio Olympics?
[A] Germany
[B] Great Britain
[C] France
[D] Sweden
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