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Padma Shri Awards Quiz Questions and Answers from Awards and Honours. Padma Shri is the fourth highest civilian awrd of India after Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan awards. These civilian awards are awarded by the Government of India on 26 January, the Republic Day of India each year. These Padma Shri Awards MCQ Questions with answers will helps you in various competitive exam and also increase your Awards and Honours General Knowledge.

1. Who won the 4th edition of the Pro Wrestling League 2019?
[A] Punjab Royals
[B] Telugu Titans
[C] Dabang Delhi
[D] Haryana Hammers
[E] Bengaluru Bulls
2. Who returned his Padma Shri Award on February 3, 2019 to mark a protest against the Citizen (Amendment) Bill?
[A] Gul Bardhan
[B] Anil Kumar Bhalla
[C] Aribam Shyam Sharma
[D] Kapil Mohan
[E] Mahim Bora
3. President Ram Nath Kovind conferred the Padma Awards to ________ people from various disciplines ‚Äčon 25 January 2019.
[A] 100
[B] 112
[C] 120
[D] 132
[E] 138
4. Ramakant Achrekar passed away in Mumbai on 2 January 2019. He was a ________.
[A] Coach
[B] Politician
[C] Actor
[D] Spiritual Leader
[E] Journalist
5. Recently, Sulagitti Narasamma passed away in Bengaluru on 25 December 2018. She was a ________.
[A] Politician
[B] Journalist
[C] Social Worker
[D] Singer
[E] Musician
6. Recently, Dipali Barthakur passed away on 21 December 2018. She was a ________.
[A] Politician
[B] Actor
[C] Sportsperson
[D] Singer
[E] Journalist
7. Who amongst these was awarded an honorary doctorate on On 6 November 2018 by the University of Strathclyde?
[A] Bachendri Pal
[B] Arunima Sinha
[C] Shivangi Pathak
[D] Sangeeta Bahl
[E] None of these
8. In October 2018 Qazi Abdussattar passed away. He was a noted _______ .
[A] Politician
[B] Urdu writer
[C] Film director
[D] Sports person 
[E] Actor
9. Recently, Pandit Tulsidas Borkar has passed away in Mumbai. He is associated with ________.
[A] Tabla
[B] Harmonium
[C] Flute
[D] Sitar
[E] Violin
10. Who amongst these has been appointed as the President of the Odisha Lalit Kala Akademi (LKA)?
[A] Asim Basu
[B] Rabindra Behera
[C] Jugashree Bisoi
[D] Sudharshan Pattnaik
[E] None of these
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