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11. Earthquake is caused by ?
[A] disturbance of Earth's surface
[B] adjustment of layers of Earth crust
[C] breakage of rock system
[D] upliftment of rocks
12. In the structure of planet Earth, below the Mantle, the core is mainly made up of which one of the following ?
[A] Aluminum
[B] Chromium
[C] Iron
[D] Silicon
13. Which of the following do not belong to solar system ?
[A] Asteroids
[B] Comets
[C] Planets
[D] Nebulae
14. Ozone holes are more pronounced at the ?
[A] Equator
[B] Tropic of Cancer
[C] Tropic of Capricorn
[D] Poles
15. Variations in the length of day time and night time from season to season are due to ?
[A] the earth's rotation on its surface
[B] the earth's revolution round the sun in an elliptical manner
[C] latitudinal position of the place
[D] revolution of the earth on a titled axis
16. The inexhaustible source of energy of the stars is due to ?
[A] Conversion of hydrogen to helium
[B] Conversion of helium to hydrogen
[C] decay of radioactive elements
[D] excess of oxygen that helps burning and release of energy
17. We always see the same face of the Moon, because ?
[A] It is smaller than earth
[B] It revolves on its axis in the direction opposite to that of the earth
[C] It takes equal time for revolution around the earth and rotation on its own axis
[D] It rotates at the same speed as the earth around the sun
18. Which among the following areas is conductive for well irrigation?
[A] Rocky and uneven surface of Peninsular India
[B] Dry Tracks of Rajasthan and Gujarat
[C] Brackish groundwater region of Uttar Pradesh
[D] Deltaic regions of Mahanadi, Godavari and Krishna
19. The term 'demographic gap' signifies the difference in?
[A] Sex Ratio
[B] Age
[C] Child/Woman Ratio
[D] Between the birth and the death rate
20. The first census was conducted in India in ?
[A] 1872
[B] 1881
[C] 1891
[D] 1901
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30. Continents have drifted apart because of:- Tectonic activities

Piku 6 years ago Reply

29. Which one is the largest among the following deserts?
It should be Gobi( the cold desert) based on area. ref:

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there are many more things for u to witness and know!!!!!!