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1. Which one of the following zones of the atmosphere is rich in Ozone gas ?
[A] Mesosphere
[B] Troposphere
[C] Stratosphere
[D] Ionosphere
2. The mass of water vapour per unit volume of air is known as ?
[A] Relative humidity
[B] Specific humidity
[C] Absolute humidity
[D] Variable humidity
3. Troposphere is the hottest part of the atmosphere because ?
[A] It is closest to the sun
[B] Heat is generated in it
[C] It is heated by the Earth's surface
[D] There are charged particles in it
4. Which one of the four regions above Earth has smallest height (Km) ?
[A] Stratosphere
[B] Mesosphere
[C] Thermosphere
[D] Troposphere
5. Which one of the following features is not a product of volcanism ?
[A] An Erratic
[B] A Dyke
[C] A Crater
[D] A Geyser
6. Continents have drifted apart because of ?
[A] Volcanic eruption
[B] Tectonic activities
[C] Folding and Faulting of rocks
[D] All of the above
7. Which one is the largest among the following deserts ?
[A] Australian
[B] Gobi
[C] Kalahari
[D] Atacama
8. 'Mons Scale' is used to indicate the ?
[A] Degree of viscosity of a liquid
[B] Degree of brittleness of a substance
[C] Degree of hardness of minerals
[D] Degree of electricity of a material
9. The world's most attractive volcano ?
[A] Cotopaxi
[B] Fujiyama
[C] Kilauea
[D] Vesuvius
10. A sand deposit extending into the mouth of a bay is a ?
[A] Headland
[B] Sea Stack
[C] Split
[D] Berm
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piku 6 years ago Reply

30. Continents have drifted apart because of:- Tectonic activities

Piku 6 years ago Reply

29. Which one is the largest among the following deserts?
It should be Gobi( the cold desert) based on area. ref:

furu ayasaki 6 years ago Reply

there are many more things for u to witness and know!!!!!!