Latest Science & Technology Current Affairs Question and Answers

Latest Current Affairs Question and Answers on Science & Technology

1. Which organisation won the top award in public communication category at the international event ATOMEXPO, 2018?
[A] Nuclear Power Corporation of India
[B] Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
[C] Indian Space Research Orgaisation
[D] NTPC Limited

Defence Research and Development Organization

2. Aadhar is not mandatory for which of the following?
[A] Supplementary Nutrition Program
[B] Benefits under Grih Kalyan Kendra scheme 
[C] Pension for government employees
[D] Benefits under National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship
[E] Applying for PAN 
3. In which Jharkhand city has the government approved to set up AIIMS?
[A] Ranchi
[B] Jamshedpur
[C] Koderma
[D] Bokaro
[E] Deoghar
4. Which company has signed a MoU with SAP to jointly offer GST solutions to Indian enterprises?
[A] Deloitte
[C] Tata Consultancy
[D] Cygnet
[E] Reliance Infotech
5. Which company has recently filed patent applications relating to e-currency technology?
[A] Deloitte
[B] Cognizant
[D] Capgemini
[E] Barclays
6. According to the draft bill on DNA technology, at which level the DNA data banks would be set up?
[A] National level
[B] State level
[C] District level
[D] National and state level
[E] State and district level
7. The seed centre at _______ has bagged an award for excellence in research on seed technology.
[A] GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology
[B] Punjab Agricultural University
[C] Tamil Nadu Agricultural University 
[D] Central Agriculture University
[E] Assam Agriculture University
8. India's first, indigenous lithium-ion battery charger has been developed by which company?
[B] TVS Motors
[C] Bajaj Electricals
[D] Schneider Electric
[E] None of these

Which of the following are true about National Technology Day?

  1. The National Technology Day is observed to mark the success of Pokhran Nuclear test.

  2. On the same day, India performed successful test firing of the Brahmos Missile.

  3. National Technology Day is observed on 11th May every year since 1998.

[A] Only 1
[B] Both 1 & 2
[C] Only 3
[D] Both 2 & 3
[E] All of the above
10. Google Doodle on 11th May celebrated the 100th birth anniversary of Mrinalini Sarabhai. She was a _____.
[A] Actress
[B] Politician
[C] Classical Dancer
[D] Singer
[E] Teacher
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