Chemistry Multiple choice questions

Chemistry Multiple choice questions
1. What is jeweler's rouge
[A] Ferric carbonate
[B] Ferrous carbonate
[C] Ferrous oxide
[D] Ferric oxide
2. Several blocks of the megnesium are fixed to the bottom of a ship to ?
[A] Prevent punture by undersea rocks
[B] Keep away the sharks
[C] Prevent action of water and salts
[D] Make the ship lighter
3. What is the pH of pure water ?
[A] 1
[B] 7
[C] 5
[D] 12
4. What type of reaction is carried out by the lipase in the digestion of fats ?
[A] Reduction
[B] Dehydration
[C] Hydrolysis
[D] Calcification
5. At which one of the following does carbon occur  in its purest form in nature ?
[A] Diamond
[B] Graphite
[C] Carbon black
[D] Coal
6. Which one of the following carbohydrates is used for silvering of mirror ?
[A] Sucrose
[B] Maltose
[C] Fructose
[D] Glucose
7. Which one of the following compounds was responsible for the epidemic form of disease called 'Minamata Disease' ?
[A] A lead compound
[B] A mercury compound
[C] A sulphur compound
[D] A fluorine compound
8. Which one of the following pesticide is applied to the foundation of buildings to prevent termites ?
[A] Aldrin
[B] Malathion
[C] Atrazine
[D] Carbaryl

Bronze is an alloy of ?

[A] Copper and Zinc
[B] Copper and tin
[C] Tin and Zinc
[D] Iron and Zinc

The iron layered with zinc is called ?

[A] Pig iron
[B] Cost iron
[C] Galvanized iron
[D] Steel
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