The Living World Quiz Questions and Answers - Biology

The Living World Multiple Choice Questions and Answers from Diversity of Living Organisms Section in Biology Quiz.

1. Which of the following is a merit in the Bentham and Hooker's system of classification?
[A] The placement of family - Asteraceae in the beginning of Gamopetalae
[B] The placement of order - Ranals in the beginning
[C] Closely related families are placed apart
[D] The position of gymnosperms in between dicots and monocots
2. One of the most important functions of botanical gardens is that
[A] One can observe tropical plants there
[B] They provide the natural habitat for wild life
[C] They allow ex-situ conservation of germplasm
[D] They provide a beautiful area for recreation
3. Phenetic classification of organisms is based on
[A] Sexual characteristics
[B] Dendrogram based on DNA characteristics
[C] The ancestral lineage of existing organisms
[D] Observable characteristics of existing organisms
4. Classification of organisms based on evolutionary as well as genetic relationships is called
[A] Numerical taxonomy
[B] Phenetics
[C] Biosystematics
[D] Cladistics
5. In angiosperm, characters of flowers are used in classification because
[A] Flowers are attractive
[B] Flowers are large
[C] Characters of flowers are conservative
[D] None of the above
6. Two plants can be conclusively said to belong to the same species if they
[A] Have more than 90 percent similar genes
[B] Can reproduce freely with each other and form seeds
[C] Have same number of chromosomes
[D] Look similar and possess identical secondary metabolites
7. Biosystematics aims at
[A] Identification and arrangement of organisms on the basis of cytological characteristics
[B] The classification of organisms based on broad morphological characters
[C] Delimiting various taxa of organism and establishing their relationships
[D] The classification of organisms based on their evolutionary history and establishing their phylogeny on the totality of various parameters from all fields of studies
8. Practical purpose of taxonomy or classification
[A] To know the evolutionary history
[B] Explain the origin of organisms
[C] Facilitate the identification of unknown species
[D] Identification of medicinal plants
9. The Phylogenetic system of classification was put forth by
[A] Theophrastus
[B] George Bentham and Joseph Dalton Hooker
[C] Carolus Linnaeus
[D] Adolf Engler and Karl Prantl
10. In which kingdom would you classify the archaea and nitrogen-fixing organism, if the five-kingdom system of classification is used
[A] Protista
[B] Fungi
[C] Plantae
[D] Monera
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