Microorganisms Quiz - Virus, Bacteria, Fungi and Protist Kingdom Biology Questions

Microorganisms Quiz Contains Multiple Choice Questions related to Viruses, Archaea Kingdom, Monera Kingdom, Protista Kingdom, Bacteria Kingdom, Fungi Kingdom, Algae.

1. Identify the correct pair of events when temperate phages infect bacteria :

(I) No prophages are formed.

(II) Bacterial cell undergoes many divisions

(III) Bacterial cell undergoes immediate lysis

(IV) Prophages are formed

The correct pair is

[A] I, II
[D] II, IV
2. Study the following columns and select the most appropriate matching from the options below.

Column I

Column II

A. Pasteurella pestis I. Angular leaf spot of cotton
B. Treponema pallidum II. Amphotericin
C. Mycobacterium bovis III. Actinomycosis of cattle
D. Streptomyces nodosus IV. Syphilis
  V. Plague
[A] A - IV, B - I, C - II, D - III
[B] A - II, B - III, C - IV, D - V
[C] A - V, B - IV, C - III, D - II
[D] A - III, B - II, C - I, D - IV
3. Study the following columns and select the most appropriate matching from the options below.

Column I

Column II

A. Devoid of flagella I. Single spherical bacterium
B. Rod shaped II. Pneumonia causing bacteria
C. Bacteria in pairs III. Anthrax causing bacteria
D. Comma shaped IV. Cholera causing bacteria
  V. Pleomorphic bacteria
[A] A - I, B - II, C - III, D - IV
[B] A - V, B - IV, C - II, D - I
[C] A - I, B - III, C - II, D - IV
[D] A - V, B - I, C - II, D - IV
4. A bacterium is capable of withstanding extreme heat, dryness and toxic chemicals. This indicates that it is probably above to form
[A] Endotoxins
[B] Endospores
[C] A thick peptidoglycan wall
[D] Endogenous buds
5. Which of the following protects the bacteria from the enzymes present in the external medium?
[A] Flagella
[B] S-layer
[C] Slime layer
[D] Cell wall
6. Which one of the following is correct about Cosmid?
[A] Extra genetic material in mycoplasma
[B] Circular DNA found in bacteria
[C] Extra DNA in bacteria
[D] Fragment of DNA inserted in bacteria for forming copies
7. A bacterium which is capable of utilizing the most abundantly available gas in the atmosphere for one of its metabolic pathways, but cannot utilize the second most abundantly available for its another metabolic pathway is
[A] Azotobacter
[B] Clostridium
[C] Rhodomicrobium
[D] Xanthomonas
8. Which of the following groups of organisms are ecologically similar?
[A] Consumer protists and fungi
[B] Monerans and producer protists
[C] Producer protists and consumer protists
[D] Monerans and fungi
9. Specialized cells called heterocysts are present in
[A] Dinoflagellates
[B] Euglenoids
[C] Cyanobacteria
[D] Archaebacteria
10. An example of endomycorrhizal is
[A] Agaricus
[B] Glomus
[C] Nostoc
[D] Rhizobium
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