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Diversity of Living Organisms : Animal Kingdom (Page 9)

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Animal Kingdom Questions and Answers from Diversity of Living Organisms Section in Biology Quiz.

81. Which of the following possesses post anal tail?
[A] Spider
[B] Scorpion
[C] Cockroach
[D] Cobra

Answer: D. Cobra

82. A common feature of tracheae of Cockroach and mammal is that both have
[A] Ciliated inner lining
[B] Non-collapsible walls
[C] Paired nature
[D] Origin from head

Answer: B. Non-collapsible walls

83. Which animal of the followings belongs to class crustacea?
[A] Cockroach
[B] Cyclops
[C] Grasshopper
[D] Mosquito

Answer: B. Cyclops

84. When tail is cylindrical and ventral scales do not extend the entire width of belly the snake is
[A] definitely poisonous
[B] can be poisonous or non poisonous
[C] non-poisonous
[D] deadly poisonous

Answer: C. non-poisonous

85. Collar cells are general characteristic of
[A] Sand worm
[B] Roundworms
[C] Coelenterata
[D] Sponges

Answer: D. Sponges

86. Common character of all vertebrates without exception is
[A] Body divided into head, trunk and tail
[B] Two pairs of limbs
[C] Exoskeleton
[D] Presence of skull

Answer: D. Presence of skull

87. What will you look for to identify the sex of the following?
[A] Male shark - Claspers borne on pelvic fins
[B] Female Ascaris - Sharply curved posterior end
[C] Male frog - A copulatory pad on the first digit of the hind limb
[D] Female cockroach - Anal cerci

Answer: A. Male shark - Claspers borne on pelvic fins

88. What is common between kiwi, penguin and ostrich?
[A] They are running birds.
[B] They are flightless birds.
[C] They are migratory birds.
[D] They have four toes.

Answer: B. They are flightless birds.

89. Which is a living fossil?
[A] Coelacanth
[B] Limulus
[C] Sphenodon
[D] All of these

Answer: D. All of these

90. Which is a coelenterate?
[A] Sea Mouse
[B] Sea Urchin
[C] Sea Pen
[D] Sea cucumber

Answer: C. Sea Pen

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