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Diversity of Living Organisms : Animal Kingdom (Page 8)

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Animal Kingdom Questions and Answers from Diversity of Living Organisms Section in Biology Quiz.

71. Sponges are ______ filter feeders.
[A] occasional
[B] terrestrial
[C] active
[D] sessile
72. Phylum that doesn't have a true coelom is
[A] Platyhelminthes
[B] Annelida
[C] Echinoderms
[D] Arthropoda
73. Who wrote the book ‘Systema Naturae’?
[A] Lamarck
[B] Darwin
[C] Wallace
[D] Linnaeus
74. Which one of the following statements about certain given animals is correct?
[A] Flat worms (Platyhelminthes) are coelomates
[B] Round worms (Aschelminthes) are pseudocoelomates
[C] Mollusks are acoelomates
[D] Insects are pseudocoelomates
75. The radially symmetrical cnidarians have a ______ body in two distinct layers
[A] sac-like
[B] bilateral
[C] flattened
[D] symmetrical
76. Polymorphism occurs in animals of the class
[A] Hydrozoa
[B] Anthozoa
[C] Scyphozoa
[D] Gastropoda
77. The clam nervous system is composed of
[A] labial palps
[B] one pair of ganglia
[C] two pairs of ganglia
[D] three pairs of ganglia
78. What color is the blood of crayfish?
[A] green
[B] blue
[C] red
[D] white
79. Turtles are
[A] Arthropods
[B] Pisces
[C] Reptiles
[D] Molluscs
80. A true coelom is lined on all sides by
[A] Ectoderm
[B] Mesoderm
[C] Endoderm
[D] Ectoderm and endoderm

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