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Diversity of Living Organisms : Animal Kingdom (Page 5)

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Animal Kingdom Questions and Answers from Diversity of Living Organisms Section in Biology Quiz.

41. Insect mouthparts are adapted for different functions in different species. Mouthparts of houseflies are used for
[A] Siphoning
[B] Piercing and sucking
[C] Sponging and lapping
[D] Biting and chewing

Answer: C. Sponging and lapping

42. Earthworms eliminate cellular wastes and excess water through excretory tubules called ______.
[A] Nephridia
[B] Flame cells
[C] Coelom
[D] Gizzard

Answer: A. Nephridia

43. In many animals the rapid change from the immature organism to the adult (change from larva to adult in insects) means
[A] Cephalization
[B] Molting
[C] Metamorphosis
[D] Endothermy

Answer: C. Metamorphosis

44. Sharks, skates, and rays are also called ______ fishes.
[A] Jawless
[B] Bony
[C] Cartilaginous
[D] Freshwater

Answer: C. Cartilaginous

45. In planarians water enters the body by ______.
[A] osmosis
[B] contractile vacuoles
[C] flame cells
[D] active transport

Answer: A. osmosis

46. Animals are motile because they have
[A] Metabolism
[B] Energy
[C] Both muscle fibers and nerve fibers
[D] Legs or wings

Answer: C. Both muscle fibers and nerve fibers

47. Echolocation is usually associated with
[A] Rats
[B] Birds
[C] Bats
[D] Monkeys

Answer: C. Bats

48. Peripatus is a connecting link between
[A] Coelenterata and Porifera
[B] Ctenophora and Platyhelminthes
[C] Mollusca and Echinodermata
[D] Annelida and Arthropoda

Answer: D. Annelida and Arthropoda

49. The osculum is an excretory structure in
[A] Star fish
[B] Hydra
[C] Silver fish
[D] Sponge

Answer: D. Sponge

50. Ornithorhynchus is a
[A] fossil bird
[B] flightless bird
[C] connecting link between reptiles and birds
[D] mammal

Answer: D. mammal

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