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Diversity of Living Organisms : Animal Kingdom (Page 3)

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Animal Kingdom Questions and Answers from Diversity of Living Organisms Section in Biology Quiz.

21. Radula is found in
[A] Pila sp.
[B] Chiton sp.
[C] Lamellidens sp.
[D] Pinctada sp.

Answer: A. Pila sp.

22. Cysticercus stage is formed in
[A] Taenia
[B] Plasmodium
[C] Leishmania
[D] Wuchereria

Answer: A. Taenia

23. One example of animals having a single opening to the outside that serves both as mouth as well as anus is
[A] Fasciola
[B] Octopus
[C] Asterias
[D] Ascidia

Answer: A. Fasciola

24. Ornithorhynchus is an example of :
[A] Dinosaur
[B] Monotreme mammal
[C] Marsupial mammal
[D] Eutherian mammal

Answer: B. Monotreme mammal

25. Phylogenetic classification is based on
[A] External similarity
[B] Common evolution
[C] Habit and habitat
[D] Utilitarian system

Answer: B. Common evolution

26. Order Rhynchocephalia consists of
[A] Tuataras
[B] Lizards and snakes
[C] Turtles and tortoises
[D] Crocodiles, alligators, caimans

Answer: A. Tuataras

27. Cnidarians having cells called cnidocytes, contain organelles known as ______.
[A] Polymorphism
[B] Nematocysts
[C] Hermaphroditism
[D] None of these

Answer: B. Nematocysts

28. The metamorphosis of insects appears to be regulated through
[A] Thyroxine
[B] Haemolymph
[C] Ecdysone
[D] All the above

Answer: C. Ecdysone

29. Which one of the following is oviparous?
[A] Elephant
[B] Flying fox
[C] Platypus
[D] Whale

Answer: C. Platypus

30. Cold-blooded animals fall into which category?
[A] Ectotherms
[B] Psychrotherms
[C] Endotherms
[D] Thermophiles

Answer: A. Ectotherms

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