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Diversity of Living Organisms : Animal Kingdom (Page 12)

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Animal Kingdom Questions and Answers from Diversity of Living Organisms Section in Biology Quiz.

111. Which one of the following pairs of animals comprises ‘jawless fishes’?
[A] Guppies and hag fishes
[B] Lampreys and eels
[C] Mackerels and Rohu
[D] Lampreys and hag fishes

Answer: D. Lampreys and hag fishes

112. In a sponge the whole inner surface of the asconoid is lined by
[A] Choanocytes
[B] Porocytes
[C] Pinacocytes
[D] Amoebocytes

Answer: A. Choanocytes

113. Which one of the following kinds of animals is triploblastic?
[A] Corals
[B] Flat worms
[C] Sponges
[D] Ctenophores

Answer: B. Flat worms

114. Which one of the following is not a member of the group Eutheria?
[A] Mole
[B] Squirrel
[C] Pangolin
[D] Platypus

Answer: D. Platypus

115. The ______ are undifferentiated embryonic cells and produce the sex cells as well.
[A] Thesocytes
[B] Myocytes
[C] Archaeocytes
[D] Chromocytes

Answer: C. Archaeocytes

116. Who proposed artificial system of classification
[A] John Ray
[B] Lamarck
[C] Linnaeus
[D] Wallace

Answer: C. Linnaeus

117. Who formed the 'key' for identification of animals
[A] John Ray
[B] Theophrastus
[C] Goethe
[D] Georges Cuvier

Answer: A. John Ray

118. Which phylum has a true coelom?
[A] Cnidaria
[B] Mollusca
[C] Porifera
[D] Annelida

Answer: D. Annelida

119. Which organism possesses characteristics of plants and animals?
[A] Bacteria
[B] Monera
[C] Euglena
[D] Mycoplasma

Answer: C. Euglena

120. A fat called blubber could be obtained from
[A] Bats
[B] Porpoises
[C] Dolphin
[D] Blue whale

Answer: D. Blue whale

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