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Diversity of Living Organisms : Animal Kingdom (Page 11)

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Animal Kingdom Questions and Answers from Diversity of Living Organisms Section in Biology Quiz.

101. Which of the following statement is correct?
[A] Platypus lays eggs
[B] Camels have biconcave RBCs
[C] Whales respire by gills
[D] Bats do not fly
102. Which one of the following groups of animals is correctly matched with its one characteristic feature without even a single exception?
[A] Mammalia : give birth to young ones
[B] Reptilia : possess 3-chambered heart with one incompletely divided ventricle
[C] Chordata : possess a mouth provided with an upper and a lower jaw
[D] Chondrichthyes : possess cartilaginous endoskeleton
103. Which of the following reptiles has four chambered heart?
[A] Turtle
[B] Sphenodon
[C] King cobra
[D] Crocodile
104. Which of the followings is a diploblastic, radially symmetrical animal?
[A] Hydra
[B] Earthworm
[C] Roundworm
[D] Liver fluke
105. Which of the following types of fish is eaten usually by humans?
[A] Jawless
[B] Bony
[C] Cartilaginous
[D] all of the above
106. Which one of the following groups of animals is bilaterally symmetrical and triploblastic?
[A] Sponges
[B] Coelenterates (Cnidarians)
[C] Aschelminthes (round worms)
[D] Ctenophores
107. Why do camels have a long neck?
[A] more vertebrae
[B] vertebral plates between adjoining vertebrae
[C] increase in size of each vertebra
[D] cartilage pads between vertebra
108. Which one of the following animals shows discontinuous distribution?
[A] Green muscles
[B] Bats
[C] Lung fishes
[D] Pacific salmons
109. Which of the followings are egg laying mammals?
[A] Insectivores
[B] Monotremes
[C] Marsupials
[D] Bats
110. Which one of the following phylum is characterized by absence of true coelom?
[A] Annelida
[B] Mollusca
[C] Echinodermata
[D] Nematoda

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