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General Knowledge : Biology (Page 7)

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General knowledge Biology Questions and Answers. Read these Biology quiz questions based on NCERT Book for SSC CGL 2016 Exam and other similar examinations.

61. Acromegaly is caused by irregular secretion of
[A] Pituitary
[B] Adrenal
[C] Thyroid
[D] Pancreas

Answer: A. Pituitary

62. The ABO bloodgroups were discovered by
[A] Charles Darwin
[B] Karl Landsteiner
[C] Gregor Mendel
[D] Watson

Answer: B. Karl Landsteiner

63. Identical twins are born, when
[A] Two sperms fertilize two ova
[B] Two sperms fertilize one ovum
[C] One sperm fertilize one ovum
[D] One sperm fertilize one ovum. Zygote cleaves into two cells that develop independently.

Answer: B. Two sperms fertilize one ovum

64. The food which gives an athelete instant energy is
[A] Glucose
[B] Protein
[C] Butter
[D] Vitamin

Answer: A. Glucose

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65. DNA structure was first described by
[A] Catcheside
[B] Nirenberg
[C] Lederberg
[D] Watson and Crick

Answer: D. Watson and Crick

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