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General Knowledge : Biology (Page 4)

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General knowledge Biology Questions and Answers. Read these Biology quiz questions based on NCERT Book for SSC CGL 2016 Exam and other similar examinations.

31. What is the amount of blood filtered by the Kidney within a minute ?
[A] 1200 ml
[B] 1600 ml
[C] 600 ml
[D] 800 ml
32. Which of the following organism does not obey the 'Cell Theory' ?
[A] Virus
[B] Bacteria
[C] Fungi
[D] Plants
33. Which are among the following organs is involved in the conversion of ammonia, the main end product of protein digestion to excretory product urea?
[A] Kidney
[B] Lung
[C] Intestine
[D] Liver
34. Which of the following vitamin is considered to be a para - thormone ?
[A] Vitamin - A
[B] Vitamin - C
[C] Vitamin - D
[D] Vitamin - K
35. Which of the following impart yellow color to urine in humans ?
[A] Cholesterol
[B] Lymph
[C] Urochrome
[D] Bile Salts
36. The macro nutrients provided inorganic fertilisers are ?
[A] Carbon,Iron and boron
[B] magnesium,manganese and sulphur
[C] maagnesium,zinc and iron
[D] magnesium,phosphorus and potassium
37. Which one among the following vitamins is necessary for blood clotting ?
[A] Vitamin - A
[B] Vitamin - D
[C] Vitamin - K
[D] Vitamin - C
38. Which one among the following parts of castor seed yields oil ?
[A] Nucellus
[B] Ccaruncle
[C] Endosperm
[D] Cotyledon
39. The fruit after ripping becomes soft. It is due to ?
[A] dissolution of tannin in sap
[B] dissolution of middle lamella
[C] formation of ethylene gas
[D] formation of auxin
40. Which one among the following is the largest edible bud found in nature ?
[A] Cauliflower
[B] Agave
[C] Cabbage
[D] Drpsera

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