Science Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - General Knowledge Quiz

General knowledge Biology Questions and Answers. Read these Biology quiz questions based on NCERT Book for SSC CGL 2016 Exam and other similar examinations.

1. What Is Juvenile Phase in organism?
[A] Asexual reproduction in organism
[B] Growth And Maturity In their life
2. Aspirin comes from which of the following ?
[A] Willow bark
[B] Oak tree
[C] Acacia
[D] Eucalyptus
3. Carrot is orange in color because ?
[A] It grows in the soil
[B] It is not exposed to sunlight
[C] It contains carotene
[D] The entire plant is orange in color
4. The medulla oblongata is a part of human ?
[A] Heart
[B] Brain
[C] Liver
[D] Sex Organ
5. The main excretory product of frog is ?
[A] Urea
[B] Ammonia
[C] Uric acid
[D] Amino acid
6. The lining of marrow cavity is called ?
[A] Episteum
[B] Periosteum
[C] Endosteum
[D] Sarcolemma
7. The largest part of the human brain is ?
[A] Medulla oblongata
[B] Cerebellum
[C] Cerebrum
[D] Mid-brain
8. The largest organ of human body is ?
[A] Brain
[B] Heart
[C] Skin
[D] Liver
9. The human cell contains ?
[A] 44 chromosomes
[B] 48 chromosomes
[C] 46 chromosomes
[D] 23 chromosomes
10. The function of hemoglobin is ?
[A] To transport oxygen
[B] Destruction of bacteria
[C] Prevention of anemia
[D] Utilization of energy
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