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English : Synonyms (Page 7)

(Showing: 61 - 70 out of 91 MCQs) Synonyms multiple choice questions and Answers for the bank exams preparation. You should choose the correct meaning of the word out of four given options.

61. Ludicrous?
[A] Profitable
[B] Ridiculous
[C] Excessive
[D] Undesireable

Answer: B. Ridiculous


Ludicrous is something which invite ridicule. Something absurd.Other synonyms are idiotic, farcical
62. Intrepid?
[A] Moist
[B] Rude
[C] Tolerant
[D] Fearless

Answer: D. Fearless


Those who are invulnerable to some kind of fear are intrepid.
63. Filch?
[A] Hide
[B] Steal
[C] Swindle
[D] Covet

Answer: B. Steal


To filch means to steal.Pilfer is another synonym.
64. Urbane?
[A] Well-dressed
[B] Friendly
[C] Polished
[D] Prominent

Answer: C. Polished


Urbane means to show high degree of refinement such as polished behaviour
65. Decant?
[A] Bisect
[B] Pour off
[C] Speak widly
[D] Bequeath

Answer: B. Pour off


To decant means to make a liquid flow out from a container.
66. Antithesis?
[A] Contract
[B] Examination
[C] Conclusion
[D] Opposite

Answer: D. Opposite


Antithesis is something exactly opposite.
67. Heretical?
[A] Heathenish
[B] Rash
[C] Quaint
[D] Unorthodox

Answer: D. Unorthodox


When there is a departure from accepted beliefs or standards or orthidox thoughts, it is heretical.
68. Opulent?
[A] Poor
[B] Begger
[C] Rich
[D] None of These

Answer: C. Rich

69. Infatuate
[A] Illusion
[B] Manipulate
[C] Decamp
[D] none of these

Answer: B. Manipulate

70. Cache
[A] Memory
[B] Hidden place
[C] Shelter
[D] none of these

Answer: A. Memory

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