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English : Synonyms

Synonyms multiple choice questions and Answers for the bank exams preparation. You should choose the correct meaning of the word out of four given options.

1. Calumniate ?
[A] To accuse falsely
[B] To accuse truthfully
[C] To denounce
[D] To ditch

Answer: A. To accuse falsely

2. Commence ?
[A] To End
[B] To Begin
[C] Nearing Finish
[D] To Run

Answer: B. To Begin

3. Conjecture ?
[A] Grave
[B] Outward
[C] To Guess
[D] To Claim

Answer: C. To Guess

4. Contradict ?
[A] Predict
[B] To Support
[C] External
[D] To oppose by words

Answer: D. To oppose by words

5. Detest ?
[A] Love
[B] To hate intensely
[C] Neglect
[D] To support

Answer: B. To hate intensely

6. Deteriorate?
[A] Appreciate
[B] Recover
[C] To make worse
[D] Strengthen

Answer: C. To make worse

7. Emancipate ?
[A] To set on fire
[B] Bondage
[C] Neglect
[D] To set free from restraint or bondage

Answer: D. To set free from restraint or bondage

8. Admonish ?
[A] To warn
[B] To cajole
[C] Encourage
[D] Abdicate

Answer: A. To warn

9. Manipulate ?
[A] Display
[B] Gloomy
[C] To handle or manage
[D] To mortgage

Answer: C. To handle or manage

10. Impede ?
[A] Obstruct or hinder
[B] Recover
[C] To let free
[D] To detect

Answer: A. Obstruct or hinder

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