Synonyms english vocabulary MCQ with answers

Synonyms multiple choice questions and Answers for the bank exams preparation. You should choose the correct meaning of the word out of four given options.
1. Calumniate ?
[A] To accuse falsely
[B] To accuse truthfully
[C] To denounce
[D] To ditch
2. Commence ?
[A] To End
[B] To Begin
[C] Nearing Finish
[D] To Run
3. Conjecture ?
[A] Grave
[B] Outward
[C] To Guess
[D] To Claim
4. Contradict ?
[A] Predict
[B] To Support
[C] External
[D] To oppose by words
5. Detest ?
[A] Love
[B] To hate intensely
[C] Neglect
[D] To support
6. Deteriorate?
[A] Appreciate
[B] Recover
[C] To make worse
[D] Strengthen
7. Emancipate ?
[A] To set on fire
[B] Bondage
[C] Neglect
[D] To set free from restraint or bondage
8. Admonish ?
[A] To warn
[B] To cajole
[C] Encourage
[D] Abdicate
9. Manipulate ?
[A] Display
[B] Gloomy
[C] To handle or manage
[D] To mortgage
10. Impede ?
[A] Obstruct or hinder
[B] Recover
[C] To let free
[D] To detect
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