Preposition - English Vocabulary Questions With Answers

English : Preposition

Following are the multiple choice questions on English Vocabulary Preposition. Directions : In the following sentences you should think the most appropriate preposition out of four options.

1. There is no use ........ going there at this time.
[A] at
[B] in
[C] on
[D] off

Answer: D. off

2. He complains ....... headache.
[A] of
[B] off
[C] from
[D] about

Answer: A. of

3. They went to Agra ..... bus.
[A] of
[B] in
[C] by
[D] from

Answer: C. by

4. I am writing this ink .
[A] In
[B] with
[C] from
[D] on

Answer: A. In

5. She has three children......her first husband.
[A] of
[B] in
[C] by
[D] from

Answer: C. by

6. He congratulated you......your promotion.
[A] in
[B] on
[C] of
[D] for

Answer: C. of

7. She jumped......the river.
[A] on
[B] in
[C] into
[D] to

Answer: C. into


The jug is fill.....milk.

[A] of
[B] with
[C] in
[D] upon

Answer: A. of

9. My wife is good....... French.
[A] in
[B] on
[C] with
[D] at

Answer: D. at

10. I am fond ....... reading novel
[A] of
[B] by
[C] on
[D] with

Answer: A. of

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ali said he would collect the percel when he .........
would come
will come
none of these

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