One Word Substitution - English Vocabulary Questions and answers - Page 7

English : One Word Substitution (Page 7)

(Showing: 61 - 70 out of 131 MCQs) Here is the quiz of one words corresponding to long sentences in english vocabulary.

61. The study of unborn babies is ?
[A] archaeology
[B] embryology
[C] physics
[D] biology

Answer: B. embryology

62. The science which deals with the study of the heavenly bodies is ?
[A] astrology
[B] astronomy
[C] biology
[D] zoology

Answer: B. astronomy

63. The study of earthquakes is ?
[A] seismology
[B] physiology
[C] etymology
[D] zoology

Answer: A. seismology

64. The study of weather is ?
[A] biology
[B] mereorology
[C] agronomy
[D] astronomy

Answer: B. mereorology

65. The study of energy is ?
[A] chemistry
[B] physics
[C] geography
[D] biology

Answer: B. physics

66. The study of earth is ?
[A] geology
[B] economy
[C] astronomy
[D] botany

Answer: A. geology

67. The study of religion is ?
[A] philosophy
[B] philology
[C] theology
[D] astrology

Answer: C. theology

68. One whose field of study is animals of all types is ?
[A] geologist
[B] botanist
[C] entomologist
[D] zoologist

Answer: A. geologist

69. One who specializes in the study of earth and its composition is ?
[A] geologist
[B] economist
[C] historian
[D] biologist

Answer: A. geologist

70. One who specializes in the study of psychological effect of words is ?
[A] dentist
[B] psycholinguist
[C] geologist
[D] biologist

Answer: B. psycholinguist

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