One Word Substitution - English Vocabulary Questions and answers - Page 5

English : One Word Substitution (Page 5)

(Showing: 41 - 50 out of 131 MCQs) Here is the quiz of one words corresponding to long sentences in english vocabulary.
41. Belief in the role of a strong dictator is ?
[A] fanaticism
[B] fascism
[C] nepotism
[D] dogmatism
42. A person whose opinions are based on reasons belives in ?
[A] rationalism
[B] communalism
[C] capitalism
[D] anarchism
43. A person who advocates extreme patriotism.
[A] socialism
[B] democracy
[C] chauvinism
[D] atheism
44. A person who has an extensive knowledge.
[A] scholar
[B] illiterate
[C] innocent
[D] erudite
45. A person who is always looking for a fight.
[A] bellicose
[B] chivalrous
[C] patriot
[D] bigot
46. A person who is too stubborn to admit.
[A] oblique
[B] obdurate
[C] determined
[D] fascinated
47. A person who is generous and has an exalted soul ?
[A] magnanimous
[B] miser
[C] stingy
[D] frugal
48. A person who has a mean and cowardly soul.
[A] coward
[B] knight
[C] chivalrous
[D] pusillanimous
49. A person who is clumsy with one's handa.
[A] ascetic
[B] ambivert
[C] maladroit
[D] luxuriant
50. A person who feels sorry for a wrong he has done.
[A] literate
[B] illiterate
[C] compunctious
[D] overt

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