One Word Substitution - English Vocabulary Questions and answers - Page 13

English : One Word Substitution (Page 13)

(Showing: 121 - 130 out of 131 MCQs) Here is the quiz of one words corresponding to long sentences in english vocabulary.

121. A person who is indifferent to pleasure or pain ?
[A] stoic
[B] cynic
[C] hedonist
[D] bishop

Answer: A. stoic

122. Murder of infants
[A] regicide
[B] suicide
[C] homicide
[D] infanticide

Answer: D. infanticide

123. One who eats excessively
[A] glutton
[B] lean
[C] neologism
[D] omniscient

Answer: A. glutton

124. One who abandons one's religion
[A] theist
[B] pessimist
[C] apostate
[D] optimist

Answer: C. apostate

125. One who walks on foot ?
[A] traveller
[B] pedestrian
[C] rider
[D] omnipotent

Answer: B. pedestrian

126. One who is deprived of the protection of law ?
[A] citizen
[B] outlaw
[C] iconoclast
[D] belligerent

Answer: B. outlaw

127. A man who is eighty years old ?
[A] septagenarian
[B] octogenarian
[C] centenary
[D] immorts

Answer: B. octogenarian

128. A man of unusual habbits ?
[A] genius
[B] eccentric
[C] bigot
[D] fanatic

Answer: B. eccentric

129. A breaker of images ?
[A] revolution
[B] anarchist
[C] naxalite
[D] iconoclast

Answer: D. iconoclast

130. A disease peculier to a country ?
[A] epidemic
[B] contagious
[C] endemic
[D] infection

Answer: C. endemic

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