One Word Substitution - English Vocabulary Questions and answers

Here is the quiz of one words corresponding to long sentences in english vocabulary.
1. One who firmly believes in fate or destiny ?
[A] Gratis
[B] Dermatologist
[C] Fatalist
[D] Honorary
2. A disease or accident which ends in death?
[A] Fatal
[B] Drawn
[C] Fastidious
[D] Illegal
3. A supporter of the cause of women ?
[A] Effeminate
[B] Loquacious
[C] Sophist
[D] Feminist
4. The murder of brother ?
[A] Genocide
[B] Fratricide
[C] Sororicide
[D] Suicide
5. Without payment or free of cost ?
[A] Gratis
[B] Hedonist
[C] Stoic
[D] Precious
6. One who talks too much ?
[A] Quite
[B] Garrulous
[C] Pregnable
[D] Illogical
7. Eliminating or killing of a whole race ?
[A] Germicide
[B] Homicide
[C] Genocide
[D] Suicide
8. Doctor for skin disease?
[A] Dermatologist
[B] Cardiologist
[C] Psychiatrist
[D] Paediatrician
9. One who does a thing for pleasure and not as profession.
[A] Philanderer
[B] Amateur
[C] Empirical
[D] Imposter
10. Government by the priests or a government which has its state religion.
[A] Thearach
[B] Aristocracy
[C] Oligarchy
[D] Theocracy
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Mohammed IMRAN 4 years ago Reply

4 month ago thanks for your help

Kaushal Tripathi 4 years ago Reply

Question 73's answer is wrong

Ritusmita Shivam 4 years ago Reply

Great job
Actually explanations are very helpful