English - Idioms and Phrases Questions and Answers

The Verbal ability questions and answers on Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam, SBI PO Exams, Interviews and Competitive Examinations. We are looking forward to distribute idioms and phrases with meanings and examples pdf download.
Directions : In the following sentences you should think the most appropriate meaning for the Idioms out of four options.
1. All and Sundry ?
[A] Everybody without distinction
[B] only rich person
[C] together
[D] selected people
2. At arm's length ?
[A] Length of arm
[B] At a distance
[C] Insult
[D] Very near
3. At daggers drawn ?
[A] real cause
[B] to be puzzled
[C] at enmity
[D] at friendship
4. Bag and baggage ?
[A] All the clothing
[B] Without any belonging
[C] Leave
[D] With all one's belongings
5. Bed of roses ?
[A] very soft bed
[B] dull life
[C] belong to
[D] full of joys
6. By leaps and bounds ?
[A] very fast
[B] very slow
[C] in details
[D] aimlessly
7. In cold blood ?
[A] in full operation
[B] unintentionally
[C] deliberately
[D] aimlessly
8. In the teeth of ?
[A] real cause
[B] in the face of
[C] in the end
[D] to chase
9. Ins and Outs ?
[A] no details
[B] finally
[C] major share
[D] full details
10. Lions share ?
[A] look angrily
[B] major share
[C] minor share
[D] heart of the prey
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