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English : Antonyms (Page 7)

(Showing: 61 - 70 out of 152 MCQs) This section provides Antonyms of the English words. Antonyms are also called the opposite words.

61. Didactic
[A] misleading
[B] warbling
[C] allegiance
[D] unfair

Answer: A. misleading

62. Dogged
[A] dogma
[B] imperious
[C] docile
[D] dismal

Answer: C. docile

63. Disparage
[A] derogate
[B] tenacious
[C] traslent
[D] loud

Answer: D. loud

64. Discreet
[A] debate
[B] reckless
[C] hoard
[D] perplex

Answer: B. reckless

65. Diligent
[A] lazy
[B] ignominious
[C] deceitful
[D] umbrage

Answer: A. lazy

66. Ebullient
[A] restrained
[B] obscure
[C] exuberant
[D] timid

Answer: A. restrained

67. Ennoble
[A] dignity
[B] exalt
[C] degrade
[D] quibble

Answer: C. degrade

68. Exemplary
[A] hateful
[B] reprehensible
[C] torment
[D] undue

Answer: B. reprehensible

69. Exhilarate
[A] depress
[B] elate
[C] ambiguous
[D] serene

Answer: A. depress

70. Embroil
[A] entangle
[B] perturbation
[C] harmonize
[D] lower

Answer: C. harmonize

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