Antonyms English Vocabulary Questions and Answers

English : Antonyms

This section provides Antonyms of the English words. Antonyms are also called the opposite words.
1. Abbreviate
[A] abridge
[B] expand
[C] achieve
[D] accept

Answer: B. expand

2. Abjure
[A] acknowledge
[B] disown
[C] deny
[D] hate

Answer: A. acknowledge

3. Absurd
[A] scarcity
[B] adorn
[C] rational
[D] flourish

Answer: C. rational

4. Abundant
[A] ample
[B] enough
[C] great
[D] scant

Answer: D. scant

5. Acerbity
[A] sweat
[B] gentleness
[C] tasty
[D] account

Answer: B. gentleness

6. Acrid
[A] sour
[B] figure
[C] acquit
[D] smooth

Answer: D. smooth

7. Acute
[A] obtuse
[B] figure
[C] astute
[D] keen

Answer: A. obtuse

8. Active
[A] animated
[B] adjust
[C] passive
[D] agile

Answer: C. passive

9. Alleviate
[A] arrive
[B] enervate
[C] benevolent
[D] aggravate

Answer: D. aggravate



[A] skillful
[B] smooth
[C] penalty
[D] fame

Answer: A. skillful

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