Pie Charts - Data Interpretation Practice MCQ Questions and Answers

Pie Chart Practice MCQ Questions and Answers from Data Interpretation Section.

Directions (1-4): Study the chart and answer the questions: The pie chart given here represents the domestic expenditure of a family in percent. Study the chart and answer the following questions if the total monthly income of the family is Rs. 33,650
1. The house rent per month is:
[A] Rs. 6000
[B] Rs. 6152
[C] Rs. 6057
[D] Rs. 6048
2. The annual savings in the form of provident fund would be:
[A] Rs. 48456
[B] Rs. 48540
[C] Rs. 44856
[D] Rs. 45480
3. After providential fund deductions and payment of house rent, the total monthly income of the family remains:
[A] Rs. 23545
[B] Rs. 24435
[C] Rs. 23555
[D] Rs. 25355
4. The total amount per month, the family spends on food and entertainment combined together, is:
[A] Rs. 11432
[B] Rs. 11441
[C] Rs. 12315
[D] Rs. 12443
Directions (5-9): Study the chart and answer the questions:
5. The operating Profit in 1991-92 increased over in 1990-91 by
[A] 23%
[B] 22%
[C] 25%
[D] 24%
6. The interest burden in 1991-92 was higher than that in 1990-91 by
[A] 50%
[B] Rs. 25 lakh
[C] 90%
[D] Rs 41 lakh
7. If on an average, 20% rate of interest was charged on borrowed funds, then the total borrowed funds used by this company is the given 2 yr amounted to
[A] Rs 221 lakh
[B] Rs 195 lakh
[C] Rs 368 lakh
[D] Rs 515 lakh
8. The retained profit in 1991-92, as compared to that in 1990-91 was:
[A] Higher by2.5 %
[B] higher by 1.5%
[C] lower by 2.5 %
[D] lower by 1.5%
9. The equity base of those companies remained unchanged. Then, the total dividend earnings by the share holders in 1991-92 is
[A] Rs 104 lakh
[B] Rs. 9 lakh
[C] Rs. 12.8 lakh
[D] Rs 15.6 lakh
Directions (10-14): Based on the data given on the pie-chart. Solve the questions which follow :
Percentage Sales of different Models of Computers In Kolkata In Two Different years . Given total sales in 1998 is 7890 and increase 16.5% in 1999.
10. The percentage change in the sales of Toshiba in 1999 is approximately :
[A] 16%
[B] 61%
[C] 22%
[D] 68%
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