Line Chart MCQ Questions And Answers - Data Interpretation Quiz

Line Chart Practice MCQ Questions and Answers from Data Interpretation Section.

Directions (1-5): Study the graph and answer the questions:
1. What was the overall average expenditure of Company C in all the years together?
[A] Rs. 190 lakhs
[B] Rs. 120 lakhs
[C] Rs. 180 lakhs
[D] Rs. 150 lakhs
2. What was the difference between the total expenditure of company B in the year 2006 and 2008 together and the total expenditure of company C in the year 2007 and 2009 together?
[A] Rs. 1000000
[B] Rs. 100000
[C] Rs. 10000000
[D] Rs. 100000000
3. What was the respective ratio between the expenditure of company A in the year 2009 and expenditure of company B in the year 2005?
[A] 5:3
[B] 3:4
[C] 3:5
[D] 3:2
4. In which year was the total expenditure by all three Companies together second highest?
[A] 2005
[B] 2006
[C] 2007
[D] 2008
[E] 2009
5. Total expenditure of all three companies together in the year 2006 was what percentage of the total expenditure of company A overall the year together?
[A] 75
[B] 72
[C] 65
[D] 60
Directions (6-8): Answer the question on the basis of following Line graph.
The change in Workforce and Productivity of Bajaj Auto For the Period 2000-2003
6. By how much percentage has production changed in 2003 as compared to its value for 200?
[A] -3%
[B] +5%
[C] 0%
[D] +7%
7. The percentage change in which of the mentioned areas is the highest over the period 2000-03?
[A] Workforce
[B] Productivity
[C] Production
[D] Workforce and Production both
8. Which two variables have mentioned in the same direction in the mentioned period?
[A] Workforce and Productivity
[B] Workforce and Production
[C] Production and Productivity
[D] None of these
Directions (9-12): The following figure represents flow of natural gas through pipeline between major cities A, B, C, D and E (in suit able unit). Assume that supply equals demand. Refer to it and answer the following questions.
9. What is number of units demanded in B?
[A] 350
[B] 400
[C] 450
[D] 500
10. If teh number of units demanded in C is 225, what is the value of M?
[A] 1075
[B] 875
[C] 775
[D] 850
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