September 30th, 2017 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Daily Current Affairs : September 30th, 2017

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on September 30th, 2017
1. Which company on September 28, 2017 has created a B2B marketplace to help small and medium size businesses to help procure materials on its site?
28 सितंबर, 2017 को किस कंपनी ने छोटे और मध्यम आकार के व्यवसायों की सहायता के लिए अपनी साइट पर सामग्री खरीदने में मदद करने के लिए एक B2B बाज़ार बनाया है?
[A] eBay
[B] Flipkart
[C] Snapdeal
[D] Amazon
[E] Koovs

Answer: D. Amazon


 Amazon India has launched Amazon Business, a B2B marketplace on, to enable small and medium businesses to procure products through the platform. The platform, which will be available on the Amazon website, is registered under the main entity Amazon Seller Services. The launch comes two years after Amazon had piloted under its Amazon Wholesale India arm, which is open mainly on an invite-only basis in Bengaluru and Mangaluru. While Amazon sells products to businesses though as a wholesale retailer, Amazon Business will act as a pure marketplace, the company said. 

2. The Union Environment Ministry has notified the new Wetland (Conservation and Management) Rules 2017. The rules were first passed in _____.
केंद्रीय पर्यावरण मंत्रालय ने नई आर्द्रभूमि (संरक्षण और प्रबंधन) नियम 2017 अधिसूचित किया है। नियम पहले _____ में पारित किया गया था।
[A] 2009
[B] 2012
[C] 2010
[D] 2015
[E] 2000

Answer: C. 2010


In a major decision, the union environment ministry notified the new Wetland (Conservation and Management) Rules 2017 which prohibit a range of activities in wetlands like setting up and expansion of industries, waste dumping and discharge of effluents. The new rules will replace the 2010 version of the rules. The draft of the Wetland Rules was first presented by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) in April 2016. But they were severely criticized by conservationists who had alleged that the draft rules don’t mention anything about a national regulator and don’t list specific activities prohibited in these ecologically sensitive areas.
3. Which State won the 2017 ‘Hall of Fame’ national tourism award?
किस राज्य ने 2017 'हॉल ऑफ फेम' राष्ट्रीय पर्यटन पुरस्कार जीता?
[A] Madhya Pradesh
[B] Odisha
[C] West Bengal
[D] Jharkhand
[E] Gujarat

Answer: E. Gujarat


Gujarat Tourism has won the "Hall of Fame" award for being the Best State in Comprehensive Development of Tourism category at the National Tourism Awards function organised by Ministry of Tourism. Gujarat tourism minister Ganpatsinh Vasava received the award on behalf of the state from the President of India Ram Nath Kovind.
4. Aparna Kumar has become the first woman to scale Mount Manaslu. It is located in which country?
अपर्णा कुमार मनासलू चोटी की चढ़ाई करने वाली पहली महिला बन गई हैं। यह किस देश में स्थित है?
[A] Nepal
[B] India
[C] Kenya
[D] Argentina
[E] China

Answer: A. Nepal


Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world at 8,163 metres (26,781 ft) above sea level. It is located in the Mansiri Himal, part of the Nepalese Himalayas, in the west-central part of Nepal. Aparna Kumar an Indian Police Service (IPS) Officer of Uttar Pradesh Cadre, became the first Indian woman to climb the mountain. A 2002 batch IPS officer, she has already successfully climbed the highest peaks of six continents out of seven continents. In May last year, she climbed Mount Everest before scaling Mount Vinson Massif, the highest peak in Antarctica.
5. The 2018 AFC U-16 Football Championship will be held in ____.
2018 AFC अंडर -16 फुटबॉल चैम्पियनशिप ____ में आयोजित की जाएगी।
[A] Thailand
[B] Malaysia
[C] Vietnam
[D] Japan
[E] South Africa

Answer: B. Malaysia


The 2018 AFC U-16 Football Championship will be held in Malaysia. On September 29, 2017, India qualified for the tournament. They beat Palestine. A complicated system was used to determine the five best second-placed teams as the groups had different number of teams and United Arab Emirates withdrew from Group E before the tournament.
6. Which bank on September 30, 2017 partnered with top education institutes for fintech ideas?
30 सितंबर, 2017 को कौन से बैंक ने फिनटेक विचारों के लिए शीर्ष शिक्षा संस्थानों के साथ भागीदारी की?
[C] Yes
[D] Axis

Answer: A. HDFC


In a first of its kind efforts in the domestic banking sector, second largest private sector lender HDFC Bank said it will be partnering with 50 technology and business schools to tap into emerging fintech ideas.It announced a tie-up with IIT-Bombay and IIT-Roorkee as part of the industry-academia partnership effort. The start-ups will get the bank’s platform to test their ideas in the real world, in addition to expert insights, and knowledge

7. The Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency on September 30, 2017 launched a new Green Masala Bond on the ______ Stock Exchange.
भारतीय अक्षय ऊर्जा विकास एजेंसी ने 30 सितंबर, 2017 को ______ स्टॉक एक्सचेंज पर एक नया ग्रीन मसाला बॉन्ड लॉन्च किया।
[A] Hong Kong
[B] New York
[C] Kuwait
[D] London
[E] Shanghai

Answer: D. London


Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency has launched a new Green Masala Bond on London Stock Exchange’s new International Securities Market to raise funds to finance renewable energy projects across India. The 5 year dated bond raised approximately $300 million, with a coupon of 7.125%. It is the first Green Masala Bond to be listed on the International Securities Market.

8. Which automobile company bagged an order of 10000 electric cars on September 30, 2017?
30 सितंबर, 2017 को किस ऑटोमोबाइल कंपनी ने 10000 इलेक्ट्रिक कारों का ऑर्डर प्राप्त किया?
[A] Maruti Suzuki
[B] Tata Motors
[C] Tafe
[D] Hyundai
[E] Toyota

Answer: B. Tata Motors


State-run Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) said it will procure 10,000 electric cars from Tata Motors, an order valued at around Rs 1,120 crore.Tata Motors will supply the electric vehicles (EVs) in two phases with 500 e-cars in the first phase in November 2017 and the remaining 9,500 electric vehicles (EVs) in the second phase, EESL said in a statement.
9. The government on September 29, 2017 extended the deadline for sale of MRP labelled pre-GST stock till __________.
29 सितंबर, 2017 को सरकार ने MRP लेबल वाले GST से पहले के स्टॉक की बिक्री के लिए समय सीमा  __________ तक तय की।
[A] December 2017
[B] October 2017
[C] November 2017
[D] January 2018
[E] February 2018

Answer: A. December 2017


Govt has extended the deadline to sell pre-GST goods by 3 months till Dec 31 this year. The decision came after companies & CAIT, the retailers body, highlighted that they were still left with huge unsold stocks of pre-GST goods & needed more time to clear that. Under the GST, stocks as on 30th of June with mandatory MRP labelling could be sold only up to Sept 30 by pasting new MRP stickers.
10. The Election Commission on September 30, 2017, announced to use _____ for all elections in the future.
30 सितंबर, 2017 को चुनाव आयोग ने भविष्य में सभी चुनावों के लिए _____ का उपयोग करने की घोषणा की।
[A] AccuPoll
[B] Vote brigading
[D] Premier Election Solutions
[E] Online Poll

Answer: C. VVPAT


Election Commission has issued formal direction to use VVPAT or paper trail machines in all future Lok Sabha & assembly elections. VVPAT is a machine which dispenses a slip with symbol of the party for which a person has voted for. The slip drops in a box but the voter cannot take it home.Several parties have been pressing for the use of these machines to dispel doubts about EVM tampering.