30th July, 2019 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 30th July, 2019
1. India and ________ signed four MoUs on education, health and e-visa facilities in July 2019.
[A] Togo
[B] Benin
[C] Gabon
[D] Burundi
[E] Madagascar
2. Who was sworn in as the 29th Governor of Bihar in July 2019?
[A] Jayaprakash Narayan
[B] Rameshwar Chaurasiya
[C] Manoj Kumar Singh
[D] Fagu Chauhan
[E] Arun Pathak
3. With which country did India sign a Memorandum of Understanding on defence co-operation in July 2019?
[A] Bhutan
[B] Myanmar
[C] Sri Lanka
[D] Bangladesh
[E] Malaysia
4. In July 2019, the RBI has imposed a fine of about Rs.26 lakh on which of the following 2 online payment solutions providers?
[A] Mobikwik Systems Private Limited and Hip Bar Pvt Ltd
[B] FreeCharge and Hip Bar Pvt Ltd
[C] Mobikwik Systems Private Limited ​and FreeCharge
[D] Hip Bar Pvt Ltd and PhonePe
[E] Mobikwik Systems Private Limited ​and PhonePe
5. Recently, MP Vithalbhai Radadiya passed away. He was a ________.
[A] Actor
[B] Politician
[C] Journalist
[D] Singer
[E] Judge
6. In which state has a helpline 'Jeene Do' been launched in July 2019?
[A] Himachal Pradesh
[B] Jammu and Kashmir
[C] Jharkhand
[D] Arunachal Pradesh
[E] Nagaland
7. Anandiben Patel took oath as the Governor of which state in July 2019? 
[A] Madhya Pradesh
[B] Bihar
[C] Uttar Pradesh
[D] Gujarat
[E] Maharashtra
8. How many teams will participate in the World Test Championship (WTC), which will get underway on 1 August 2019?
[A] 7
[B] 8
[C] 9
[D] 10
[E] 11
9. As per a UN report, more than ________ children were killed and injured in armed conflicts in 2018.
[A] 9,000
[B] 10,000
[C] 11,000
[D] ​12,000
[E] 13,000
10. The sixth ship of the Landing Craft Utility (LCU) MK IV class, ________, was commissioned into the Indian Navy in July 2019.
[A] IN LCU L38
[B] IN LCU L42
[C] IN LCU L56
[D] IN LCU L64
[E] IN LCU L72