30th January, 2019 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 30th January, 2019
1. What is the rank of India in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) in 2018 released by Transparency International?
[A] 56
[B] 62
[C] 78
[D] 81
[E] 88
2. India payed homage to Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi on his ________ death anniversary on 30th January, 2018.
[A] 69th
[B] 70th
[C] 71st
[D] 72nd
[E] 73rd
3. What will be the length of the four-lane Ganga Expressway connecting Prayagraj to Western Uttar Pradesh?
[A] 450 km
[B] 500 km
[C] 550 km
[D] 600 km
[E] 650 km
4. Which country bagged the Award of Excellence for ‘Best in Show’ at New York Times Travel Show 2019?
[A] Australia
[C] Canada
[D] India
[E] China
5. In which state the Union Minister for Tourism K.J. Alphons inaugurated first “Development of North East Circuit” project on 30th January 2019?
[A] Sikkim
[B] Nagaland
[C] Manipur
[D] Mizoram
[E] Assam
6. With whom the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation signed a MoU for capacity building, knowledge generation and sharing in the field of Official Statistics on 29th January, 2019?
[A] Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
[B] National Council of Applied Economic Research
[C] National Bureau of Economic Research
[D] Confederation of Indian Industry
[E] Centre for Policy Research
7. Nitin Gadkari will inaugurate ________ national highway projects in Raxaul and ________ national highway projects in Bihar on 30 January, 2019.
[A] 2, 3
[B] 2, 4
[C] 3, 3
[D] 3, 4
[E] 4, 4
8. ​A High Level Committee headed by Rajnath Singh approved Central assistance of ₹7214.03 crore from NDRF to ________ States and ________ UT affected by natural disasters on 29 January 2019..
[A] 4, 2
[B] 5, 3
[C] 6, 1
[D] 7, 2
[E] 8, 1
9. PM Narendra Modi will lay the Foundation Stone for extension of Terminal building at Surat Airport, constructed at a cost of Rs. ________ Crore on 30 January, 2019.
[A] 252
[B] 286
[C] 354
[D] 382
[E] 402
10. Where has Lalit Kala Akademi (LKA) organised an exhibition titled 'Mahatma Gandhi and World Peace' on 29 January 2019?
[A] Mumbai
[B] New Delhi
[C] Pune
[D] Jaipur
[E] Chennai