29th October, 2018 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 29th October, 2018
1. Who was sworn in as the new Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court on 29 October 2018?
[A] Justice A. K. Goswami
[B] Justice Ajjikuttira Somaiah Bopanna
[C] Justice Gopal Ballav Pattanaik
[D] Justice Sujata Manohar
[E] Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer
2. Which state has signed a MoU with the British Council to strengthen educational and cultural cooperation in October 2018?
[A] Haryana
[B] Uttar Pradesh
[C] Arunachal Pradesh
[D] Himachal Pradesh
[E] Assam

Read the following statements carefully :

1. A committee of governors set up by President Ram Nath Kovind, submitted its report on doubling farm income on 26 October 2018.

2. It has made 21 major recommendations for doubling the income of farmers.

3. Radha Mohan Singh is the head of the panel.

Which of the above statements is/are true?

[A] Only 1
[B] Only 1 and 2
[C] Only 1 and 3
[D] Only 2 and 3
[E] All of the above
4. What is the name of India's first engine-less train, that was unveiled on 29th October 2018?
[A] Tran 15
[B] Train 16
[C] Train 17
[D] Train 18
[E] Train 19
5. The 1st edition of 'North East Olympic Games' concluded in ________ on 28th October 2018.
[A] Imphal
[B] Guwahati
[C] Shillong
[D] Silchar
[E] Gangtok

Read the following statements carefully:

1. The sixth phase of sale of electoral bonds will take place from 1 November to 10 November 2018.

2. State Bank of India (SBI) has been authorised to issue and encash electoral bonds through its 29 authorised branches.

3. These bonds have a life of 12 days from the date of issue .

Which of the above statements is/are true?

[A] Only 1
[B] Only 1 and 2
[C] Only 1 and 3
[D] Only 2 and 3
[E] All of the above
7. The United Arab Emirates' first locally made satellite was launched from ________ on 29th October 2018.
[A] India
[C] Israel
[D] Japan
[E] China
8. Which bank has formed a Joint Venture with Hitachi Payment Services Pvt Ltd to create a digital payment network?
[C] Axis
[E] Exim
9. Who won the Swiss Indoors title in Basel on 28th October 2018?
[A] Marius Copil
[B] Rafael Nadal
[C] Roger Federer
[D] Novak Djokovic
[E] Juan Martin del Potro
10. The Indian government has donated about US$ ________ for the 'Pipeline to Peacekeeping Command Programme'.
[A] 100,000
[B] 200,000
[C] 300,000
[D] 400,000
[E] 500,000
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