28th May, 2017 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 28th May, 2017
1. As per the new law, the GST rate for solar panels will be 5% against ____% earlier.
[A] 18
[B] 19
[C] 17
[D] 15
[E] 13
2. Mettur Dam is located in which state?
[A] Karnataka
[B] Andhra Pradesh
[C] Telangana
[D] Kerala
[E] Tamil Nadu
3. The Health Ministry has taken off which health organisation over foreign funding?
[A] NanoHealth
[B] Public Health Foundation of India
[C] Seva Bharati
[D] Central Council of Indian Medicine
[E] Indian Heart Association
4. The Revenue department has setup a Twitter handle ________ to handle all tweets related to GST.
[A] @GST_Inc
[B] @IamGST
[C] @Ind_GST
[D] @askGST_GoI
[E] @GST.IndInc
5. As per a recent report, 'Trust in Technology' by HSBC, which country topped the list in using biometric technology?
[A] China
[C] India
[D] Japan
[E] Russia
6. Which city will host the 2017 Premier Futsal semifinal and final?
[A] Dubai
[B] Doha
[C] Sharjah
[D] Kuwait City
[E] Muscat
7. Scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi  on May 29 successfully created a 3D bioprinted _________.
[A] Fascia
[B] Cartliage
[C] Peritenon
[D] Bone tissue
[E] Adventitia
8. Scientists from  Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru have found a new drug to cure  Hepatitis _______.
[A] C
[B] A
[C] B
[D] E
[E] D
9. Which bank will raise Rs 9,000 crore via equity dilution in 2017-18?
[A] State Bank of India
[B] Canara Bank
[C] Punjab National Bank
[D] United Bank of India
[E] Bank of Baroda
10. On May 29, a new species of Glass Frog was found in which country?
[A] Brazil
[B] Argentina
[C] Columbia
[D] Ecuador
[E] Venezuela