24th November, 2018 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 24th November, 2018
1. Recently, who has been appointed as brand ambassador of Uber Eats?
[A] Virat Kohli
[B] Shah Rukh Khan
[C] Alia Bhatt
[D] Ranveer Singh
[E] MS Dhoni
2. The 12th World Congress on Mountain Medicine was held in which country?
[A] Myanmar
[B] Bhutan
[C] China
[D] India
[E] Nepal
3. Which company has announced a new app from its ‘Next Billion Users’ team called ‘Neighbourly'?
[A] Google
[B] Yahoo
[C] Facebook
[D] Twitter
[E] Microsoft
4. The European Investment Bank and which other bank have agreed to cooperate on financing renewable energy sector in India?
[A] ICICI Bank
[B] State Bank of India
[C] HDFC Bank
[D] Canara Bank
[E] Bank of Baroda
5. The Union Cabinet has given its ex-post facto approval to the Memorandum of Understanding between India and ________ on Cooperation on Youth Matters.
[A] China
[B] Japan
[C] Sri Lanka
[D] Tajikistan 
[E] Bhutan
6. The 27th BASIC Ministerial Meeting on Climate Change was held in which country on 19-20 November 2018?
[A] Russia
[B] China
[C] India
[D] South Africa
[E] Brazil
7. The joint military exercise 'Vajra Prahar' between India and the United States commenced in which city on 19 November 2018?
[A] Ahmedabad
[B] Indore
[C] Pune
[D] Jaipur
[E] Dehradun
8. Very recently, which of the following banks has been declared as a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) bank?
[A] IDFC Bank
[B] J&K Bank
[C] Kotak Mahindra Bank
[D] Yes Bank
[E] CITI Bank
9. Which of the following organisations has won Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development 2018?
[A] Centre for Science and Environment
[B] Bombay Natural History Society
[C] Wildlife Crime Control Bureau
[D] Wildlife Trust of India
[E] Indian Environmental Society 
10. On 21 November 2018, which of the following organisations has got the 'Asia Environment Enforcement Award 2018'?
[A] National Institute of Animal Welfare
[B] Centre for Science and Environment
[C] National River Conservation Directorate (NRCD)
[D] National Afforestation & Eco-Development Board
[E] Wildlife Crime Control Bureau