24th July, 2020 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 24th July, 2020
1. Which of the following countries has launched its first independent probe headed to Mars in July 2020?
[A] Japan
[B] China
[D] Germany
[E] France
2. Under the ‘Tree Plantation Drive-2020’, organised by the Ministry of Coal in July 2020, trees will be planted on 6,000 acres of land in how many districts across ten states?
[A] 24
[B] 28
[C] 34
[D] 38
[E] 42
3. Under Strategy 2030, which of the following will ensure that 75 per cent of its committed projects will support climate change mitigation and adaptation by 2030?
[A] ADB 
[B] World Bank
4. With which country has India signed a contract which will allow the construction of fish processing plants at two of its islands?
[A] Indonesia
[B] Philippines
[C] Singapore
[D] Maldives
[E] Mozambique
5. Odisha Government has extended the retirement age of Medical officers of Odisha Medical and Health Services (OMHS) cadre and Allopathic Insurance Medical Officers under Labour & Employees' State Insurance Department from 62 years to how many years?
[A] 63
[B] 64
[C] 65
[D] 66
[E] 67
6. PM Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for water supply project in which state through video conferencing in July 2020?
[A] Mizoram
[B] Nagaland
[C] ​Manipur
[D] Meghalaya
[E] Assam
7. Which state is going to start a Self-test system for COVID-19 in all districts so that anyone can go and get himself tested?
[A] Madhya Pradesh
[B] Uttar Pradesh
[C] Punjab
[D] Haryana
[E] Bihar
8. The Indian Navy has commissioned how many megawatts solar power plant at Indian Naval Academy situated in Ezhimala, Kerala?
[A] 2
[B] 3
[C] 4
[D] 5
[E] 6
9. In which state, the education department has decided to provide online education to all the students studying in standard 3 to 12 in self-financed schools in the state?
[A] Punjab
[B] Haryana
[C] Rajasthan
[D] Gujarat
[E] Maharashtra
10. Who virtually launched piloting of the National Transit Pass System at Indira Paryavaran Bhawan in Delhi in July 2020?
[A] Piyush Goyal
[B] Prakash Javadekar
[C] Harsh Vardhan
[D] Ramesh Pokhriyal
[E] Nitin Gadkari