19th February, 2019 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 19th February, 2019
1. As per the Himachal Pradesh Official Language Bill, 2019 (Amendment), which language will be made the second official language of the state?
[A] Sindhi
[B] English
[C] Punjabi
[D] Sanskrit
[E] Maithili
2. In which city has a drainage-cleaning robot named Bandicoot been introduced for the first time as part of efforts to get rid of manual scavenging?
[A] Chennai
[B] Pune
[C] Hyderabad
[D] Jaipur
[E] Lucknow
3. RBI has released a warning regarding an app called ________ which might empty the bank account within minutes.
[A] Weather
[B] BlueMail
[C] Credit Link
[D] AnyDesk
[E] Quik
4. What is the theme of the 10-day long Taj Mahotsav which began on 18 February 2019?
[A] Parampara
[B] Sanskriti
[C] Dharma
[D] Dharohar
[E] Akhandta
5. Who won the 50 km event in the 6th Open National Race Walking Championship in Chennai on 17 Feb 2019?
[A] Suraj Panwar
[B] Shiva Thapa
[C] Jitendra Singh Rathore
[D] Joshi Sagar
[E] Manpreet Singh
6. Which of these countries launched a new submarine called Fateh, which is capable of firing cruise missiles?
[A] Iraq
[B] Iran
[C] Oman
[D] Morocco
7. Who amongst these inaugurated a state-of-the-art national cyber forensic lab (NCFL) in New Delhi?
[A] Narendra Modi
[B] Rajnath Singh
[C] Smriti Irani
[D] Nitin Gadkari
[E] Rajyavardhan Rathore

The Reserve Bank will pay an interim dividend of Rs ________ crore to the government.

[A] 12,000
[B] 28,000
[C] 24,000
[D] 15,000
[E] None of these
9. Which of these cities will host the 79th Indian History Congress (IHC)?
[A] Jaipur
[B] Pune
[C] Mumbai
[D] Bhopal
[E] Surat

The government formed a committee for sale of 'enemy shares' worth Rs ________ crore.

[A] 3000
[B] 4000
[C] 2000
[D] 1000
[E] 5000