18th October, 2019 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 18th October, 2019
1. What is the theme of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2019?
[A] Acting Together to Empower Children, their Families and Communities to End Poverty
[B] Coming together with those furthest behind to build an inclusive world of universal respect for human rights and dignity
[C] Answering the Call of October 17 to end poverty: A path toward peaceful and inclusive societies
[D] Moving from humiliation and exclusion to participation: Ending poverty in all its forms
[E] Building a sustainable future: Coming together to end poverty and discrimination
2. Which country announced the establishment of the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, the first graduate-level, research-based AI university in the world?
[A] Qatar
[B] Oman
[D] Kuwait
[E] Bahrain
3. What is the rank of India among the 128 countries surveyed in the World Giving Index (WGI) in 2019?
[A] 56
[B] 68
[C] 76
[D] 82
[E] 92
4. IAF and Japanese Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) are carrying out a joint military air force exercise ‘Shinyuu Maitri’ in October 2019 in ________.
[A] West Bengal
[B] Odisha
[C] Tamil Nadu
[D] Karnataka
[E] Maharashtra
5. Where was a two-day international conference on biosciences, BIOSUMMIT’19, inaugurated?
[A] SRM University
[B] IIT Delhi
[C] Bharath University
[D] Vellore Institute of Technology
[E] IIT Bombay
6. With which country is Indian Air Force participating in a Bilateral Joint Exercise named EX-EASTERN BRIDGE-V?
[A] Oman
[C] Australia
[D] Russia
[E] Japan
7. As per the 20th Livestock Census -2019, India's livestock population has increased to over 535 million showing an increase of ________% over Livestock Census-2012.
[A] 3.8
[B] 4.2
[C] 4.6
[D] 5.0
[E] 5.4
8. With which bank has Home Credit India tied-up for joint lending using end-to-end automated processing which will help the customer get real-time approval and disbursement?
[A] HDFC Bank
[B] Karur Vysya Bank
[C] Axis Bank
[D] Indian Bank
[E] Canara Bank
9. Which country approved a new tax on digital companies, including U.S. tech giants, as part of its 2020 draft budget?
[A] Greece
[B] Turkey
[C] Russia
[D] ‚ÄčItaly
[E] Iran
10. India's defence exports have grown ________ times in the last two years, reaching a value of two billion dollars.
[A] 3
[B] 5
[C] 7
[D] 9
[E] 11