18th November, 2018 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 18th November, 2018
1. President Ram Nath Kovind will inaugurate the 'CII Agro Tech 2018' in ________ on 1 December 2018.
[A] Lucknow
[B] Jaipur
[C] New Delhi
[D] Chandigarh
[E] Jodhpur
2. In which state the six-day 'Shri Renukaji Fair' has commenced?
[A] Himachal Pradesh
[B] Punjab
[C] Madhya Pradesh
[D] Chattisgarh
[E] Rajasthan
3. The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDoR)  is observed on which day?
[A] 10 November
[B] 15 November
[C] 16 November
[D] 2 November
[E] 18 November
4. The two-day summit to mark the World Tolerance Day was inaugurated in ________ on 16 November 2018.
[A] Singapore
[B] Tajikistan 
[C] India
[D] Thailand
[E] Dubai
5. Which of the following countries has become the first country to impose a widespread ban on sunscreen in an effort to protect its vulnerable coral reefs?
[A] Venezuela
[B] Thailand
[C] Palau
[D] Maldives
[E] Senegal
6. On 16 November 2018, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of India signed a $105 million loan agreement for financing the power transmission project in which state?
[A] Madhya Pradesh
[B] Maharashtra
[C] Andhra Pradesh
[D] Himachal Pradesh
[E] Punjab
7. ________ and Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 10 November 2018.
[A] Kochi
[B] Indore
[C] Jabalpur
[D] Chandigarh
[E] Raipur
8. '2nd Startup India Investment Seminar' was organised in which country?
[A] China
[B] Sri Lanka
[D] France
[E] Brazil
9. The 'ASEAN-India Breakfast Summit' was held in which country?
[A] Bhutan
[B] Cambodia
[C] Singapore
[D] Japan
[E] China
10. 'EXERCISE INDRA 2018' is held between India and which other country?
[A] Sri Lanka
[B] Nepal
[C] Bhutan
[D] Russia