17th March, 2020 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 17th March, 2020
1. Who has been appointed as the new Chief Electoral Officer of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir in March 2020?
[A] Sushil Chandra
[B] S.Karuna Raju
[C] Hirdesh Kumar
[D] Dipinder Singh
[E] Udit Singhal
2. The Olympic flame handover ceremony for the ________ Games will take place without spectators in an effort to contain the coronavirus outbreak.
[A] Beijing
[B] Tokyo
[C] Seoul
[D] Dubai
[E] Doha
3. Which country will provide 107.01 million Nepali Rupees for three new school buildings in Nepal?
[A] India
[B] China
[C] Bhutan
[D] Thailand
[E] Indonesia
4. Where has the first human trial to evaluate a candidate vaccine against coronavirus disease 2019 begun?
[A] Seattle
[B] Tokyo
[C] Shanghai
[D] Vancouver
[E] Wuhan
5. The Central Sanskrit Universities Bill, 2019 aimed at the extension of Central University status to how many Sanskrit universities in the country?
[A] 2
[B] 3
[C] 4
[D] 5
[E] 6
6. By the end of which year has the government set an ambitious target to achieve sales of around 70 lakh hybrid and electric vehicles?
[A] 2020
[B] 2021
[C] 2022
[D] 2023
[E] 2024
7. Which of the following ministries has opened 24x7 helplines for COVID-19 and the toll-free number of the Control Room - 1800118797?
[A] Ministry of Home Affairs
[B] Ministry of Human Resource Development
[C] Ministry of AYUSH
[D] Ministry of External Affairs
[E] Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
8. Under the UDAN scheme, the Ministry of Civil Aviation flagged off the first-ever flight from Indore to which of the following places in March 2020?
[A] Bareilly
[B] Saharanpur
[C] Noida
[D] Kishangar
[E] Agra
9. Who among the following received the Chameli Devi Jain Award for an Outstanding Woman Journalist in March 2020?
[A] Arfa Khanum Sherwani
[B] Rohini Mohan
[C] Nidhi Razdan
[D] Both 1 and 2
[E] Both 2 and 3
10. Which of the following Stock Exchanges closed indefinitely in March 2020, the first market shutdowns worldwide in response to the coronavirus, with authorities citing risks to the safety of traders?
[A] Philippine Stock Exchange
[B] Tokyo Stock Exchange
[C] New York Stock Exchange
[D] Qatar Stock Exchange
[E] Dubai Financial Market