17th March, 2020 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 17th March, 2020
1. Which of the following Payments Banks announced in March 2020 that it will start issuing Visa debit cards to its customers?
[A] Airtel Payments Bank
[B] India Post Payments Bank
[C] Paytm Payments Bank
[D] Fino Payments Bank
[E] Jio Payments Bank
2. By mid March 2020, which state has declared Coronavirus as an epidemic?
[A] Bihar
[B] Uttar Pradesh
[C] Punjab
[D] Haryana
[E] Gujarat
3. Jairam Kulkarni passed away in Pune in March 2020. He was related to which of the following fields?
[A] Acting
[B] Journalism
[C] Cricket
[D] Chess
[E] Economics
4. Which of the following has become the first club to win three Indian Super League (ISL) titles as it beat Chennaiyin FC 3-1 in the final of ISL 2019-20 at the Fatorda Stadium in Goa?
[A] Kerala Blasters FC
[B] Bengaluru FC
[C] Mumbai City FC
[E] Jamshedpur FC
5. In March 2020, Imtiaz Khan passed away. He was related to which of the following fields?
[A] Politics
[B] Acting
[C] Journalism
[D] Cricket
[E] Football
6. The share of Indian companies in contracts awarded by the Union Defence Ministry for procurement of defence equipment increased from 39.06% in 2015-16 to how much per cent in 2019-20?
[A] 48.09
[B] 54.74
[C] 68.45
[D] 75.03
[E] 82.90
7. In March 2020, the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has cleared whose appointment as CMD of Power Finance Corporation (PFC)?
[A] Ajay Singh
[B] Binny Bansal
[C] Ravinder Singh Dhillon
[D] Vijay Shekhar Sharma
[E] Sarthak Saxena
8. In March 2020, which state has appointed senior IAS officer M Gopal Reddy as the new chief secretary of the state?
[A] Bihar
[B] Madhya Pradesh
[C] Jharkhand
[D] Chhattisgarh
[E] Uttar Pradesh
9. Which of the following launched the Innovate for Accessible India campaign in March 2020?
[A] ​Microsoft India
[B] NASSCOM Foundation
[D] Both 1 and 2
[E] All are correct
10. Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Chandigarh have seen around how much per cent decrease in road accidents, five months since the new Motor Vehicles Act was implemented?
[A] 6 - 8%
[B] 8 - 10%
[C] 10-12%
[D] 12 - 14%
[E] 14 - 16%