12th February, 2019 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 12th February, 2019
1. Where will the Ministry of Textiles organise an outreach programme for Textiles Sector MSMEs on 13th February 2019?
[A] Uttar Pradesh
[B] Gujarat
[C] Delhi
[D] Maharashtra
[E] Madhya Pradesh
2. Who won the coveted Allan Border Medal at the Australian Cricket Awards on 11 Feb 2019?
[A] Pat Cummins
[B] Nathan Lyon
[C] Glenn Maxwell
[D] Matthew Wade
[E] Aaron Finch
3. Where was the 3-day Krishi Kumbh held from Feb 9 - 11, 2019?
[A] Uttar Pradesh
[B] Bihar
[C] Madhya Pradesh
[D] Haryana
[E] Odisha

Read the following statements carefully:

1. The Centre notified eight new devices as “drugs”.

2. They include - all implantable medical devices, CT scan equipment, MRI equipment, defibrillators, dialysis machine, PET equipment, X-ray machine, and bone marrow cell separator.

3. 27 types of devices were notified as drugs until last year.

Which of the above statements is/are true?

[A] Only 1
[B] Only 1 and 2
[C] Only 1 and 3
[D] Only 2 and 3
[E] All of the above
5. Who became the first female winner of the MRF Challenge Series at the final event of the season?
[A] Jamie Chadwick
[B] Cyndie Allemann
[C] Angela Cope
[D] Danica Patrick
[E] None of the above
6. A Constitution Amendment Bill in Rajya Sabha was introduced on 9 February 2019 to increase the financial and executive powers of the ________ Autonomous Councils in the Sixth Schedule areas of the northeastern region.
[A] 8
[B] 10
[C] 12
[D] 14
[E] 16
7. RBI has decided to alter the definition of bulk deposits in the recent monetary policy review. It has been revised as single deposits of Rs ________ crore and above.
[A] 1
[B] 1.5
[C] 2
[D] 2.5
[E] 3
8. Where did Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath flag off 33 'Sarthi Sandesh Vahini' vehicles on 10 February 2019?
[A] Lucknow
[B] Bareilly
[C] Mathura
[D] Gorakhpur
[E] Kanpur
9. What is the theme of the Challachitram National Film Festival to be held in March 2019?
[A] Our Heritage, Our Pride
[B] Our Nation, Our Pride
[C] Our Country, Our Pride
[D] Our Culture, Our Pride
[E] Our Tradition, Our Pride
10. Former US President Jimmy Carter won his ________ Grammy Award for his biography "Faith A Journey For All" on 11 February 2019.
[A] 1st
[B] 2nd
[C] 3rd
[D] 4th
[E] 5th