09th September, 2018 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 09th September, 2018
1. Arif Alvi was elected as President of ________ on 4th September, 2018.
[A] Pakistan
[B] Afghanistan
[C] Iran
[D] Saudi Arabia
[E] Iraq
2. India along with _________ other nations participated in a major Indian ocean-wide tsunami mock drill IOWave18.
[A] 20
[B] 23
[C] 25
[D] 28
[E] 30
3. Who attended the 6th East Asia Summit- Economic Ministers’ Meeting and 15th India-ASEAN Economic Ministers’ Meeting in Singapore?
[A] Narendra Modi
[B] Suresh Prabhu
[C] Sushma Swaraj
[D] Rajnath Singh
[E] Piyush Goyal
4. 'Delhi Movelo Cyclothon' organised by NITI Aayog was inaugurated on __________, 2018.
[A] August 26
[B] August 30
[C] September 1
[D] September 2
[E] September 5

The hockey team (men) of which country has won a bronze medal at Asian Games 2018?

[A] India
[B] Indonesia
[C] Iran
[D] Pakistan
[E] China
6. ________ has appointed Ashwani Bhatia as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.
[A] Axis Mutual Fund
[B] ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund
[C] HDFC Mutual Fund
[D] ​​SBI Mutual Fund
[E] Reliance Mutual Fund
7. The Reserve Bank of India has asked all commercial banks having ______ or more banking outlets to have an independent Internal Ombudsman.
[A] 5
[B] 8
[C] 10
[D] 12
[E] 15
8. A Japanese team has developed a “space elevator” and will conduct a first trial in _________.
[A] September, 2018
[B] October, 2018
[C] November, 2018
[D] December, 2018
[E] January, 2019
9. The Indian Navy has won the coveted KAKADU Cup 2018 in ________.
[B] Australia
[C] Sri Lanka
[D] Singapore
[E] Malaysia
10. India and the _________ on 6th September 2018, held the first edition of the 2+2 talks in New Delhi.
[A] UK
[B] US
[C] China
[D] Russia
[E] France
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