06th March, 2019 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 06th March, 2019
1. Which of the following unveiled a new app 'Bolo' on 5 March 2019?
[A] TATA Consultancy Services
[B] Xiaomi
[C] Facebook
[D] Google
[E] Microsoft
2. According to an analysis of air quality released in 2019, which city has topped the list of most polluted cities in the world for the year 2018?
[A] Ghaziabad
[B] Faridabad
[C] Gurugram
[D] Noida
[E] Bhiwadi
3. Donald Trump intends to end the preferential trade terms for India under the U.S.’s Generalized System of Preferences program that accounts for $________ billion of India’s exports to the U.S.
[A] 2.3
[B] 3.4
[C] 4.5
[D] 5.6
[E] 6.7
4. Who was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize on 5 March 2019?
[A] Arata Isozaki
[B] Eero Saarinen
[C] Antoni Gaudí
[D] Philip Johnson
[E] Frank Lloyd Wright
5. According to Amnesty India’s interactive “Halt the Hate” website, which state recorded the highest number of reported hate crimes in 2018?
[A] Haryana
[B] Uttar Pradesh
[C] Gujarat
[D] Rajasthan
[E] Bihar
6. Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec has signed an agreement to invest ₹________ crore in ECL Finance Ltd. on 5 March 2019.
[A] 1,000
[B] 1,400
[C] 1,800
[D] 2,000
[E] 2,200
7. The TMA scheme was introduced on 5 March 2019 to provide financial assistance for transport and marketing of agriculture products. What does 'A' stand for in TMA?
[A] Action
[B] Assistance 
[C] Allowance
[D] Arrangement
[E] Assimilation
8. Who was appointed as the director-general of the National Archives of India in March 2019?
[A] P V Ramesh
[B] Satyendra Dubey
[C] U. Sagayam
[D] Narendra Kumar
[E] S. R. Sankaran
9. Who was named the youngest self-made billionaire of all time by Forbes magazine in 2019?
[A] Gigi Hadid
[B] Weili Dai
[C] Pamela Slim
[D] Kylie Jenner
[E] Tory Burch

Read the following statements carefully:

1.Ministry of Defence has taken steps to ensure implementation of grant of Permanent Commission to Women officers in the Armed Forces.

2.Women officers will be granted Permanent Commission in the Indian Army in all the 14 branches where women are inducted for Short Service Commission.

3.All branches, in IAF, including Fighter Pilots are now open for women officers.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

[A] Only 1
[B] Only 1 and 2
[C] Only 1 and 3
[D] Only 2 and 3
[E] All of the above