06th February, 2018 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 06th February, 2018
1. India’s budget for the fiscal year ending ________ strikes a balance between fiscal prudence and growth, says Moody’s Investors Service.
[A] December 2018
[B] March 2019
[C] April 2019
[D] July 2019
[E] December 2019
2. With a Rs ________ budget, Gujarat and the Centre are jointly developing the historical and ancient town of Vadnagar, PM Narendra Modi’s birth place, as a major tourist hub.
[A] 50 crore
[B] 70 crore
[C] 100 crore
[D] 110 crore
[E] 150 crore
3. ________, Australian team's bowler, retired from a successful cricketing career in which he represented Australia across all three formats.
[A] A Zampa
[B] Doug Bollinger
[C] GJ Maxwell
[D] MC Henriques
[E] JP Behrendorff
4. Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) has said it will invest Rs ________ in Airtel's holding company Bharti Telecom.
[A] Rs 2,458 crore
[B] Rs 2,3156 crore
[C] Rs 2,781 crore
[D] Rs 2,649 crore
[E] Rs 2,966 crore
5. Defying the orders of Supreme Court, which country's government has refused to release political prisoners and accused the court of attempting to impeach the President?
[A] Seychelles
[B] Sri Lanka
[C] Maldives
[D] Malaysia
[E] Bahamas
6. ________ have begun reducing their numbers in Iraq after Iraqi authorities declared “victory” over Islamic State.
[A] Indian Armed Forces
[B] Pakistan Armed Forces
[C] Republic of China Armed Forces
[D] United States Armed Forces
[E] British Armed Forces
7. FSSAI asks states to roll out which project to ensure that devotees are served safe prasad at places of worship?
[E] None of the above
8. A floating burger joint, billed as the world's first sustainable floating drive-thru, has come up in ________.
[A] Doha
[B] Dubai
[C] Oman
[D] Abu Dhabi
[E] Kuwait
9. How many earth days will Chandrayaan- 2 spend on the lunar surface, before going into sleep mode?
[A] 7
[B] 10
[C] 12
[D] 14
[E] 20
10. Which bollywood actors have been named as part of Forbes India’s 30 under 30 list?
[A] Bhumi Pednekar, Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal
[B] Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra
[C] Bhumi Pednekar, Mithila and Vicky Kaushal
[D] Bhumi Pednekar, Mithila and Parineeti Chopra
[E] Bhumi Pednekar, Shraddha Kapoor and Vicky Kaushal