06th August, 2018 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 06th August, 2018
1. Startup India has recently launched ________ programme that provides a unique mentorship opportunity between academic scholars and startups working in similar domains.
[A] Aspire – Scheme for promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship, and agro-industry
[B] Startup Academia Alliance
[C] Innovation Core
[D] Uchhatar Avishkar Yojna
[E] National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations
2. Which country has successfully tested its first cutting-edge hypersonic aircraft, Starry Sky-2?
[B] Russia
[C] China
[D] North Korea
[E] UK
3. Who has become the first Japanese man to win the Badminton World Championships 2018?
[A] Hiroyuki Endo
[B] Kenta Nishimoto

Keigo Sonoda

[D] ​Kento Momota
[E] Kanta Tsuneyama
4. Where has the defence India startup challenge been launched ​by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman?
[A] Ranchi
[B] Bengaluru
[C] Patna
[D] Raipur
[E] Bhopal
5. How many task forces have been set up by the Government of India to prepare the roadmap for manufacturing aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles in India?
[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 4
[E] 5

Read the following statements carefully:

1.President Ram Nath Kovind has given assent to the Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill, 2017, that will deter offenders to evade legal process in India and flee the country.

2.The bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha on 25 July 2017 and by the Lok Sabha on 19 July 2017.

3.The Bill allows designated special court to declare a person as fugitive economic offender and and to confiscate his property.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

[A] Only 3
[B] Only 1 and 2
[C] Only 1 and 3
[D] Only 2 and 3
[E] All are correct
7. Who has been appointed by Russia as a special envoy to improve ties with the United States?
[A] Arnold Schwarzenegger
[B] Steven Seagal
[C] Clint Eastwood
[D] Keanu Reeves
[E] Liam Neeson
8. Which Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh has been renamed as Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction Railway station?
[A] Aligarh Junction railway station
[B] Allahabad Junction railway station
[C] Mughalsarai Railway Junction
[D] Ayodhya Junction railway station
[E] Barabanki Junction railway station
9. Which of the following state has ordered the formation of a three-member committee to review the security of protected persons in the state?
[A] Nagaland
[B] Jammu and Kashmir
[C] Mizoram
[D] Assam
[E] Arunachal Pradesh
10. Who has won the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) title at the Washington Open 2018?
[A] Donna Vekic
[B] Elena Vesnina
[C] Serena Williams
[D] Svetlana Kuznetsova
[E] Caroline Wozniack