01st June, 2018 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 01st June, 2018
1. India Meteorological Department has launched Ensemble forecasting which provides localized predictions of a ________ resolution. 
[A] 5 km
[B] 12 km 
[C] 18 km
[D] 23 km
[E] 20 km
2. Where will Malabar 2018 naval exercise be held?
[A] Bay of Bengal
[B] Arabian Sea
[C] Philippine Sea
[D] Celebes Sea
[E] Sulu Sea
3. Government has decided to vaccinate all healthcare workers against which disease?
[A] Hepatitis-B
[B] Malaria
[C] Syphilis
[D] Nipa virus infection
4. Which ministry has introduced a new scheme called ‘SevaBhojYojna’?
[A] MInistry of Finance
[B] Ministry of Culture
[C] Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
[D] Ministry of Women and Child Development
[E] Ministry of Minority Affairs
5. Under the “Income Tax Informants Reward Scheme, 2018”, what is the cash reward for giving tax evasion information?
[A] Upto Rs 10 lakh
[B] Upto Rs 5 lakh
[C] Upto Rs 50 lakh
[D] Upto Rs 20 lakh
[E] Upto Rs 25 lakh
6. Under “Benami Transactions Informants Reward Scheme, 2018”, what is the cash reward for giving information about benami transactions?
[A] Up to Rs 1 crore
[B] Up to Rs 30 lakh
[C] Up to Rs 50 lakh
[D] Up to Rs 60 lakh
[E] Up to Rs 5 crore
7. Name the only Indian institution to make it to the top 100 universities in the Times Higher Education’s World Reputation Rankings 2018.
[A] National Centre for Biological Science, Bangalore
[B] IISc,  Bangalore
[C] IIT Bombay
[D] Jawaharlal Nehru University
[E] IIM, Ahmedabad
8. Which bank has won the Champion Security Award at the 14th Visa Asia Pacific Security Summit?
[A] ICICI Bank
[B] Kotak Mahindra
[C] State Bank of India
[D] HDFC Bank
[E] Axis Bank
9. Where is the 'Sakhi Suraksha' advanced DNA forensic laboratory situated?
[A] Chandigarh
[B] Hyderabad
[C] Bangalore
[D] New Delhi
[E] Pune
10. Who will head the executive committee formed by government to "spread Mahatma Gandhi's legacy" among the people?
[A] Sonia Gandhi
[B] Manmohan Singh
[C] Amit Shah
[D] Rajnath Singh
[E] Narendra Modi